Thursday, September 1, 2011

Waiting for Fall Weather, Pumpkin Patch & A New Protective Hairstyle

Where Is Fall....Better Yet, Where Are the Fall Temperatures?

Soooo.....where the heck is the 80 degree weather? Its going on 2.5 straight months of triple digit heat. Can I get low 90's at least? Sigh. I have never sweated this much in my life! I grew up in the Midwest and moved there back after college. I couldn't wait to leave though, and go to a state where I wouldn't have to deal with 12" snow. When my oldest was born, it snowed 13" and that snow didn't go anywhere for about a month. Nuh huh. Goodbye to that. Well now I'm in Texas and in triple digit heat. The Texas sun HAS to be a different sun that shines on the rest of the US of A, lol. I'm just sayin'. At the beginning of summer, my son would walk down the driveway with me to check the mail and his cheeks would be red!

I can't wait for fall so I can walk/jog outside, have a comfortable play date and picnic at the park and have a great background for times of random picture-taking. I actually like wearing long-sleeved shirts and sweaters with shorts and in chillier temps, knee-length shorts. There's no need for air conditioning nor heat. We can leave the windows up in the house and ride with the windows down in the SUV. :-)  Football parties, Halloween and pumpkin patches are fun too!

Train ride boarding. The train just circled the pumpkin patch.

Train ride exit to the pumpkin patch.

His first pumpkin.

It came to me while writing this that the four seasons in Texas are still worth the move in spite of this brutal summer because winter weather is like fall too. (with snow and ice just here and there) I'm getting more and more excited as we speak! I can't wait to be able to spend a lot more time outside.

My New Favorite Protective Style

I've found a new protective style that I absolutely LOVE!!!! I saw it in this CurlyNikki post and though it is easier when done on long hair or straightened hair (straightened via rollerset or curlformers), I still managed with my neck length shrinkage twistout. This style awesome for me because it has a sleek and classy look and doesn't cause any tension on my edges like a bun would.

Back view from the best angle.

Back view from a different angle.

Front view.

What is your favorite season and why? How has your summer been? Do you have a favorite protective style?


  1. I can't wait for fall either! By the way, I grew up in the midwest too! I've seen enough snow in my lifetime that I wouldn't care if I ever saw any again. lol

    Oh, yea, that's the Southern Tease" bun. I never mastered it. I tried. :/

  2. Do I see some henna in that head?

    I'm with you. I love summer but I am actually looking forward to milder temps because I know I'll do less with my hair which leads to growth. I've been experiencing breakage the last couple of days and not pleased with it. I think I'm manipulating it too much so I'm going to stop that and just bun it daily.

    Oh and it' sonly about 83 here in NY...mild and nice - I just want to get down to about 70.

  3. That weather does not sound fun at all.
    I love your hair. I want to try it.

  4. I think my fav season is fall too! I love wearing sweaters and the crunching of leaves under my feet! My summer has been full of lots of fun! I do not have a protective style but I do love yours! It looks tres stylish too:-)

  5. I'm just not good at any creative styles yet. Everytime I try something other than a bun it looks weird...well to me at least anyway, I like this style on you it does look very classy.
    Girl don't talk about heat I was just in Arizona the coolest it got was 108!

  6. my favorite season is fall ... love the changes on the leaves, love the breeze, love the fashion, love fall decor ... pretty much love everything about it ... love your protective style!


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