Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trials of A New Mommy - So Much For Showing Him Who's Boss!

A blogger that I also follow on twitter, Nik (BEAUTIFUL HAIR) mentioned going to the post office goes from errand to event with 2 kids, so I figured it was a perfect time to document why I will NEVER go to the post office again with my two boys for another year. I probably didn't post about this because although it was funny, I was pretty upset and traumatized.

A lot of my friends are either getting married or having babies and since we moved to Texas, its not as easy to travel to some of these showers....therefore I mail the gifts. Wellllllll, this summer as you know from this post, I was having a hard time keeping my toddler entertained and because of that, sometimes he would skip his afternoon nap.

What I learned this afternoon is tha naps are VITAL! So anyway, he didn't have a nap and y 3:00pm, it was clear that he would sing and babble for 2 more hours if I continued to leave him in his room. Instead, I needed to mail two different packages out for a friend's daughter's birthday and for the shower of another friend. I get to the post office and our post office is rather small and has 3 sets of double doors with no automatic open. Great. So I push the stroller through each door by holding the doors open with my foot, but Drew decides NOT to follow me. I should've turned around and went back to the car then seeing that he was not in the mood to obey, but for some reason I didn't want to be defeated.

While I'm trying to write addresses on labels and put clothes and toys in two different sized boxes, Drew is running to the double [glass]] doors and putting his face and hands on the door. People are walking in and out of the post office of course too. So I have to leave the baby at the little work bench and grab his hand/arm back to the workbench about 15-20 times with him yelling at EACH step, no lie. Still, I didn't leave. I continued to work on my packages while stopping every minute and a half to two minutes to pull my oldest boy back to me. Each times, saying in a stern and deepened voice, "Stay with mommy!"  I''m getting looks by the workers that either say, "I've been there," or "That little girl can't control her kids." Lol....since I am a short mommy, I think people prejudge me thinking I'm from the MTV Show 16 & Pregnant. In ole conservative Texas, I wanna wear a shirt that reads, "Don't ask...I'm knockin on 30." :-) Anyhoo, waht easily could have been a 10 minute deal took me THIRTY minutes! I said my little short prayers, I damn-near yanked his arm out of socket when grabbing him (times 17, 18 and 19) and not once did he get the message. Finally I got my packages taped after one of the workers came over and helped me and I left without waiting in line to mail them.

Once back at my car, I'm scolding him with all kinds of attitude and I put him in the car first with my baby in the stroller next to me. To show him attitude even more, I roll my eyes, throw my keys between his legs and shut the door...hoping that he'll see just how mad I am. Literally, one second goes by and I hear *click.* WTF. He locked the door on me. So much for me showing him who's boss. A guy, mid-30's, pulled up next to me and asked if I was locked out. Me: "Yeah, my kid locked me out." Him: "You want me to call the police? Since your seats are leather and its 100+ degrees out, it'll get hot quick." Me: "Welllll......yes, thanks." (knowing/hoping that since he loves to press buttons, he'll eventually push the unlock button). He calls the police and while he is explaining the situation, I'm hearing *click click* over and over again and I'm yanking the door handle (you know like when you're pulling a joke on someone with the lock button?). Finally around the 10th yank and 5 whole and HOT minutes, I get lucky. That was the unlock button. The guy hangs up and says to me, "I understand, I have 3 kids." I smile and say "thanks again" open the door, get my keys and finish putting the boys in their seats and of course blab and laugh about this on the phone. Once home, Drew is knocked out.
::big, slow and frustrated sigh::

Now, I go to the post office only when my 20-month old is at his part-time preschool. Mommy learned her lesson.


  1. omg, is it horrible that i am laughing so hard over here? i think it is! i can't believe he locked you out, lol. ahhh, i guess he showed you whose boss, jk. don't worry though you control what he eats, haha :)

  2. LOL I so feel the pain that you went through that day. I have very familiar stories of my own. But hey, that's how learn--by trial and error, unfortunately. :D

  3. Oh my! I'm sorry you had to go through that but, I almost died laughing while reading this! Especially when you mention hearing the lock clicking repeatedly! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm officially following you too!

  4. Wow, what a day.. "I hear *click.* WTF. He locked the door on me" <--bust out laughing.. Haaha (I'm with Kimba, I had to laugh a moment- smh). I'm officially following you back with smiles. LOVE your space here and can't wait to get familiar and read more. I'm SUPER excited you are in on the crawl, I'll email you details this morning.. WOOHOO!! Can't wait to see what you have in store.. Thanks so much for connecting.. Have a great Friday.. ;))

  5. This is why I never take mine with me to the post office! I've had similar situations happen :/ I'm sorry that you had to go through that. All I can see playing over and over now is *click* *click* *click* lol! Hang in there, hun. It only gets better from here :) You live, you learn.

    I have an award for you over at my site! Check it out when you get a chance.

  6. aww this story is too cute!! and inspirational. i had to laugh when you realized that your son locked you out. it really does show that no matter how much control we THINK we have, there's always someone under 3 ft tall that is REALLY in control. \

    oh and SHORT MOMMIES STAND UP!!! i get crazy and sometimes disgusted looks from older people alot too. (im 5 ft)

  7. Wow, Deia!!! I"m with everyone else, over here cracking up!!! I'm just glad he's okay and wasn't in there too long, which is why I can laugh. I can just picture his cute little face with a smirk grin continuing to press button after button. And you on the outside yanking and yanking and coaxing him to open the door. LOL!!! Next time, just buy the gifts online and have the store ship them to your friends. Amazon is a great place to shop or the store's website. If you absolutely have to buy it yourself; try to get all the supplies at home and pack it at home and then just go to the post office to mail.

  8. omg i totally understand this adventure i have 4 boys, all under 7yr old ..... we take it day by day lol


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