Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well.....only on Sundays

And maybe a few Mondays.

Oh and damn those Thursday games.

At least he's not married to college football too!


  1. lucky for me hubs excitement for Football has decreased significantly ... but it also could be because of his new work schedule ... he just can't watch it, hehe.

  2. haha My hubs is a college football maniac. So Saturdays I get cheated on, and Sundays he comes back to me. I don't mind the cheating, tho, it gives me a chance to get out and about and take care of stuff! Since he's on the couch all day--the kids just hang out with him! :D

  3. Wahhhhhhhh! My man likes both! LOL. He tries to share his love for football with me. I just smile and nod! ;-)

  4. hahahaha!!!! oh and don't forget saturdays during playoffs. i feel you though!!we both LOVE football so we hang out on the couch together - and the nugget gets in on the action now. he loves it.

  5. lol.. This is CUTE.. That's my home during the season too.. UGH.. Well, I don't mind, it gives me alone time to craft and watch REALITY STRAIGHT TRASH TV with no judgements.. lol

  6. I'm glad everyone can empathize!

    @Kimba - I was the smile and nod type. I even participated and have a wealth of football stats/knowledge, but once these kids came, I could give a rat's you know what about football.

    @Marilyn - I am with you on that one! The hubby hates Basketball Wives, lol!

  7. Oh yes. I call myself a football widow since my hubs is busy during football season. We can't make plans if his team is on.


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