Friday, March 30, 2012

Humor Me Friday

Just some things I saw on Pinterest, while perusing for [p]inspiration and happened to see a few things that made me chuckle or say, "What the....?

Nuff said.

What the fudge?? I couldn't do that BEFORE kids or when I was 8!

This is a banana as a hot dog with peanut butter and jelly and a mango cut up as fries. My kid would KILL me if I tricked him like that, lmbo! I guess its creative though....?
Source: via Deia on Pinterest

I could realllllly use those ideas. Too bad they weren't listed!


I hope you all have a lovely Friday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mama Kat's Workshop Day! Who Was Your TV Dad?

So Mama Kat posed several questions for all that follow her Thursday Writer's Workshop fun and the first one is "who is your celebrity dad?"

My answer is EASY. Duh....

Dr. Huxtable!!!

I mean who DIDN'T want to be a Huxtable kid when The Cosby Show was on?!? I freaking loved that show!
Sidenote: I wonder where I can buy the dvd series. {scratches head}
Anyway, I looked forward to that show all the time. I loved every single character, but the parents stood out the most as they had an adorable and admirable relationship with each other and their kids. I used to hope and pray for that kind of family since my parents had an unfriendly divorce, yet I always had hope for reconciliation. My dad is far from Heathfliff Huxtable, as I'm sure most real life dads are.---->Damn you tv fantasy world!!!

The lessons they taught were real but had an element of humor and love behind them. I learned  and felt connected to so many things from that show which helped me when I encountered simlar situations in my real life. I loved how Dr. Huxtable would do anything for the kids/family and without being upset or annoyed, whether it was playing pretend in the living room or getting egged. Then when it went off air I cried and was so sad to lose a show that I had grown to love. The Cosby Show and A Different World helped "raise" me, lol. I saw myself as Rudy too of course....a little brown girl .

The Cosby Show gave a successful and happy image to the black family, when a lot of families were broken and not on 'doctor' status when I was a kid. Now that I am older, I have something to keep in mind for my marriage's success. We are no Cosby's, but thinking back on the show right now is helping me to see the importance of laughter, fun and real communication with my spouse and children.
 Getting stuck in a rut is easy to do, so consciously remembering to be silly yet communicative is going to take work sometimes, but I think this will help in my aspirations to have a Cosby-ish family and we continue to grow and age.

Visit Mama Kat's and join in on the fun! Who was your tv dad?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes Love Is Letting Go....I Miss My Dog

Him as a newborn pup.

Last year I sold my dog and it still breaks my heart. After my second boy turned 2 months, I couldn't emotionally handle a 14-month old, 2-month old and 6 year old dog, so we sold him. Yep, we moved to Texas and sold our dog that we had had for a little over 5 years.

I wasn't very nice to him his last year with us. I was so annoyed by him because he wouldn't play with the my oldest but instead would look at me with sad puppy dog eyes. It made me feel torn with who to devote my attention to. Not to mention both of my boys were wintertime-born babies and I didn't feel like walking him in the cold. Selfish and lazy.
Him not wanting to play with the kid.

Before I had kids, he was my baby that I treated like a dog....if you can kind of understand that. I spoiled him, not Paris Hilton style, but just "good dog" style. I cried when we sold him, even if I was mean to him for making me feel torn. I prayed for a nice, loving dog and he was just that. He got along and played with anyone and anything, but he was mainly an adult's dog. Unfortunately, I always have a reminder of him when I would watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Adrienne Maloof's dog (Jackpot) is my dog's twin....same breed and everything---Yorktese [Yorkie+Maltese].

The person we sold him to is really sweet and takes great care of him. He loves him almost as much as we did/do. He always texts us pictures of him and tells us how amazing and cool he is.
I'm happy to get the pictures and updates but it reminds me of the sadness I felt when giving him up. I thought I was tough enough to sell my dog because after all, I can always just get another one one day, but the thought of him still tears me up. Good dogs are truly like family and I never would've known this if I had never owned him.

Like in most things for me, its so hard when I am going THROUGH a trial of some sort that I can't even fathom good possibilities related to whatever trial I'm going through. I'd rather just get rid of the problem. Most times this is what I should do, but with this case, I wonder how it could've been with me hanging onto him through this past year's madness. He just looked so sad......
But they say sometimes love is letting a person/thing go.

That was his spot when my oldest was a baby.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Patience......I Guess Its a Virtue

-Why won't my hair grow faster? I'm really getting frustrated and impatient but.....whining won't make it grow any faster. I call this my second Big Chop and it was on January 13 (my sorority's Founders Day).

-I have two very mobile 'toddlers' that laugh, scream, kiss and sometimes hit each other. Its so much more fun for me now that I can almost entertain them both with the same thing.

-We moved 3 weeks ago and are finally settled and unpacked. While we've been getting everything settled and changed, I started reading the most amazing book ever. It has really made a difference in how I view and 'hope' for things. Its called Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results by Norman Vincent Peale. To me, its relatable for my career and personal life situations. For some reason, I feel like when I turn 30, next February, I'll have wings that fly me up to the next level of growth and wisdom. Recently I realized that "um no, it doesn't work like that." So, I'm taking action to center myself spiritually and logically so that I'll enter a new decade of life learning to not have regrets in my decisions regarding people and [my] attitudes.

"Positive thinkers develop the mental and spiritual capacity to keep their thinking operative, whatever the situation. They are mentally controlled, rather than emotionally conditioned."

-I would love to drink one glass of red wine every night but I think its a little overkill. Well, actually I think its because I'd rather trade that for an oreo or two.
Damn shame, I know....but at least its not those 'dadblamed' Chips Ahoy.

-I just bought some Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and it works wonders on my skin. I mean it is amazing! The t-zone on my face started to develop bumps, probably from my lack of water, and after 3-4 days of applying it to that area......the bumps were completely gone!

-The JBCO has also thickened up the hair around my edges and nape. I ordered it off of amazon for $9.99 and I am definitely a believer in its uses.

-The weather in the upper part of Texas has been pretty bipolar lately. It'll be in the upper 70's/low 80's for two weeks and then in the upper 50's/mid 60's the following two weeks. I don't know whether to pull my shorts out or my sweaters. I don't want to wear sweaters with shorts, lol. No no no. I'll be glad when this weather picks a temperature range and stays there!

I'm so excited for the late spring weather!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My 'Curly Girl' Understanding

So quite some time ago, I purchased Curly Girl The Handbook by Lorraine Massey. I actually enjoyed it and took some notes here and there. It was an easy read...not too scientific and not too storyish. Well, there were a few stories, but depending on the type of reading you do or what you're looking to get out of the book, you'll skim a few of them and just look at some before and after photos.

Lorraine Massey believes in only using conditioners and gels for [curly] hair. She suggests that the conditioner (gels, pomades and glosses) you use not have silicones, parabens and obviously sulfates. In my laymen's terms and without the book in front of me, silicones coat the hair to the point of where sometimes its hard for moisture to penetrate it unless it is washed out thoroughly, sometimes being with a harsh sulfate shampoo. I personally don't really see a problem with silicones in my hair, but since I can appreciate what she's saying, I choose to use silicone-free conditioners like Garnier Fructis Pure Clean conditioner and Tresemme Naturals conditioner . 

My leave-in conditioner.

My 'washing' conditioner.

Her method is to use a silicone-free conditioner to wash and condition your hair, thus ridding yourself of shampoo entirely. This was kind of weird to get used to but I really didn't have a choice. With my haircut being shorter than what I had hoped for and me not being able to pull it back in a ponytail since I'm trying to grow my edges out (postpartum shedding catastrophes), I have no choice but to lay off all tension and only wash and 'go.' She suggests for 2nd day wash 'n go hair, wet your whole head with water and pat dry with a t-shirt or paper towel, no conditioner added and that's it. I'm assuming this is where it helps to use a silicone-free conditioner in her eyes. If I use a gel with cones, like Fantasia IC, then I just wash with conditioner the following day and nix her 2nd day hair method, but I usually use Eco-Styler gel.
**I smooth gel on the bang and crown area -top part only- because that's where my looser texture is and it tends to frizz faster, especially in humidity.

Recipes and Videos...
She also had some directions and recipes for making your own conditioners, glosses and moisture treatments. Since I have two mobile toddlers (2 and 1), I don't have that kind of time to dedicate to becoming a mixtress and testpad but it was still good information. There were videos too--->how-to videos on scalp washing, finger combing and self-trimming. She believes in no combs or brushes. At first I was like, "say what?" but since I've been finger combing in the shower, I have had a million times less hair shedding. Its easier to comb your hair gently yet efficiently when using your fingers than with a wide tooth or denman. Please TRY IT!!!

Products Sampled...
So, the things I utilize from her book have been very helpful, time-saving and I'd like to think healthy on my hair. I did try her products, particularly the No Poo, DevaCare One Conditioner and a complimentary gel, Set Up & Above and I wasn't too impressed. I love reading product reviews from bigger named natural hair bloggers, but I am not sure how to give a review because all hair is different and reacts differently with certain products.
I did really like the DevaCare One (plus it smelled nice and flowery) but not enough for the price, like $13; especially when Garnier Pure Clean and Tresemme Naturals are so good to me and cost $4. I will probably purchase it again this summer just to switch things up a bit though.

Here's a video on finger detangling by MahoganyCurls (I truly love her):

My curls/coils are tighter than hers and it really is THAT easy! 

Haircut: 1/27/2012 - Stretched 2nd day hair

By the way, diffusers+ponytail holders=amazing!

Anybody Else Need Coffee?

Busy life, busy wife, busy mommy. 
Thanks Arnebya for giving me the blogger nudge!

We moved into a cute little house that will be our home the next year or more. I'm glad that we didn't buy, as much as I want to just OWN a house right now....but I'm starting to see just how good we had it in our previous house that we owned before we moved to DFW. We had tons of space, storage and living areas, plus a driveway that could fit 6 cars. This is what we had when we had NO babies. Well, I see its going to cost a whole lot more than I'm willing to spend to get that here! Hmph.

It makes me wanna pick up and move to North Carolina or something. Like for real...but that's probably not going to happen. Well, for now we're blessed with this space and by-golly we're gonna enjoy it while we're here, but man do I miss my old house!

My husband has been traveling like a mad man during the week and I am spending my days and nights (when he's gone) being the sole source of entertainment. Sigh.....that can really jack up the nerves on anyone. Okay, well fine, just me then! Anyway, I celebrated a birthday during my hiatus and got to do a little shopping and hang out with my girl Jenn over at Closet Runway and had a fun time. Next time we'll incorporate some drinks too.
I am just so glad that spring 'came to play' with us earlier than expected.
Sometimes, my mood and motivation are completely tied to the weather.

Is it the same for anyone else???