Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Creative with my youngin'.....

We're putting my oldest son, who turns 2 around the winter holidays, in a Mom's Day Out program. It's like a preschool/daycare type place that follows a curriculum but is only twice a week. This is my creative way of satisfying his needs for some kind of environment where he can socialize with other children and adults while still being in a structured and loving atmosphere. Its held at a church (like all are in this area) and he'll be learning Bible stories and how to play with others, singing songs and maybe even making crafts. I'm really excited but also a little nervous. I'm not one of those parents that's scared, only because I can go check on him whenever I want --they have cameras outside of the classroom-- but also because I know he needs to socialize with others more.

In just 10 months, my oldest son has moved to a whole other state where we have no family, (just a few friends) AND gone from being an only child to having to now share his parents. This kid's been through a lot of changes and he's really attached to us to the point where he doesn't like to be around family when we go home. He kinda freaks out. Then I have to hear about how I need to do this and that. I think I'm doing a pretty good job here, thank you very much....... My bad, I kinda digressed a bit. Anyway, I don't care about what my family thinks...unless I ask, BUT I do think he will enjoy making new friends at this program. So, I hope this program helps ease him out of his shell so that wherever we go he doesn't feel so attached to us, to where it looks like he's scared of others...especially family, lol.

I don't know why I'm so concerned. By his 2nd birthday, he'll probably be into everything and everyone! I'll be 'missing' his shy days. ;-)

My Long-Lasting Twist Out

I rocked my twists for a week (M-F) and then took them down on Friday afternoon for a twist out. I took it down on Friday and it was really flat because I only unraveled the twists instead of pulling them apart. I did it like this because I knew I was going to rock it during the next week. This is how I get an extra day out of it. My 2nd day hair was fluffed a bit more than I had planned, but my satin cap rounded it back to the way  I like. By the 4th and 5th days, my front was fuzzy (which is normal), so for the 4th day, I pinned all of the front bangs back with bobby pins. For the 5th day, I rolled half of my fuzzy front bangs back and pinned it behind my right ear. I patted the rest of my fuzzy bangs down and let it mix in with the rest of my hair. And voila! I'm finally start to get more creative with my hair....and this is just the beginning. Can't wait to share more styles in the coming weeks. :-)

2nd day hair

4th day hair - side

4th day hair - front

5th day hair

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job. People have to understand that kids have a personality of their own and we can't control their every actions.

    The very fact that you sought out a program you think will help cut some of the bra strings :-) shows you are a good mommy. Forget about what family thinks. They don't live with you so they don't know...ok sorry I get all sensitive with these topics because my fam is the same way.

    Wow, 5th day hair looks really good! My twist outs don't last more than 2 days. My hair is too straight but I've discovered antoher technique I'm going to share on my blog that left me with some bigger than normal hair.

  2. Deia, I'm sure you are an excellent mother. Don't listen to other people, especially older people. They don't remember how it was or they beat the mess out of their kids, which I'm sure you don't want to do. Like Michelle said, you can't control a child's every action, especially at 1. Like you said, he's been through a lot of change, and he's just going through a stage. My son was like that all the way until he was 4 and he was in daycare/preschool from the time he was an infant. I just kind of flowed with him.

  3. My 2.5 yr old has been in a "Parent's Morning Out" program since he was 18 months. HIs is twice a week from 9-1pm. It has been GREAT for him. He too is very weary of strangers and family members that he doesn't know all that well. Being away from me to learn and socialize definitely helped give him a lot more confidence, increased his speech, etc. It also gives us mommies a little break and to also have some one-on-one time with the new baby, in my case. I'm actually thinking of increasing it to 3 times a week. ;^) At some point, you have to learn to tune out some of the "advice" you constantly get as a mom. I know I have.

  4. i am not a mother so i can't really comment on most of the above ... but i can say that i think you are doing a great job and that sometimes you really can't pay much attention to what other people tell you.

    and your 5th day hair looks amazing ... love how big and full it looks!

  5. your hair as always looks amazing! I agree with Faith about not being a mommy yet but i am sure your son just needs to adjust to being in a new state and the program sounds like the perfect place for him to meet new friends. Kids are so resilient...he will do fine!

  6. I guess is lot of adaptation for a little person - imagine us when we move away from family and friends and we have to make new ones. You are a wonderful mother and choosing a structured and loving atmosphere for your child to socialize is a great move. I am sure he is going to enjoy it so much :).

    day 5 hair looks great.

  7. @Michelle - Thanks, those family members always have unsolicited advice. I'm like just enjoy him and hush! His personality is too cute, but he's the 'check it out first' type and I think its cute. :-)

    @TiAnna - thank for letting me know yours was chill and shy even when being in daycare! Can I call you when I get home and have you say that on the phone w/ my fam in the background listening? ;-)

    @Nik G - I guess I'm starting around the time you started your son (20 mos.) I'm doing it for ALLLLL of the reasons you listed. Speech, socialization, confidence and to give me a break and some qt with littler baby. :-)

    @Faith, Mrs. Pancakes and Toi - Thanks so much for the pat on the back, it felt great! :-)

  8. someone is always going to have something to say about your parenting whether it be family, friends or even strangers. Just keep doing what you feel is best for him as his mother, since that really all that matters besides his father.

    your hair looks great!! basically a 2 week style.

  9. Your boy will find his way....especially with all the love and consideration you put into play!!!! No worries momma...chin up! And can I say....I adore your curls. Your hair is magnificent!!!


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