Monday, January 28, 2013

Potty Success! (With Tips)

During the Thanksgiving holiday, a miracle happened. My 3-year old (then he was a month shy of turning 3) all of a sudden decided to tell us each time he needed to pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty.

With most things in life, its easier to understand something once you go through I now understand what other parents mean when they say, "They'll do it when they're ready."
That's a frustrating idea but I now see it as thoughtful preparation of situations we may encounter as parents.

I started potty-training him, rather inconsistently, a few weeks after his 2nd birthday and more consistently when he was 2.5 years old. I didn't wait until he was ready to start his potty-training but he didn't become fully [daytime] trained until he was ready.

I'm proud and relieved and so is our budget!
I wasn't sure how to feel about throwing empty/non-soiled pull-ups but I know its better than them being soiled. What's most important is that I'm glad to not be smelling and cleaning 3-year old crap. Now, its two months later and he's even night-time potty-trained! Completely on his own. Except for when he's sick, I think.
{I still want to put a pull-up on him for my security but that's kind of synonymous with a 2-3 year old with a pacifier. Its not needed, but there for security. My husband is the one who encouraged me to take them off.}

I'm not sure if my 2-year old will pick it up faster since he's been watching his older brother or if he'll make the process all his own and drag his feet. He's the headstrong and controlling one of our least he was with eating so its quite possible he will be with pottying too.
Hey, at least I'm mentally prepared.

-Give lots of praise and encouragement with each trip to the potty
-Bribe! Bribe! Bribe with a treat that is only given with each potty success: I gave 2 fruit snack gummies for pee and 4-5 for poo
-Entice with the bribe by giving a taste everyday, so they know what to work for
-Eat their treat everytime YOU go (this undoubtedly makes them upset when they're in the mood of resisting potty-training....but I always laughed to myself, mean I know)
-Find a peer of theirs that they really like that is or was recently potty-trained and let your kid watch them potty (that's if your kid is the only child or oldest child)
-Remind them about that treat all throughout the day. Dangle it.

The absolute only time my boys get fruit snacks is when they use the potty correctly. Their part-time 'school' uses mini marshmallows. Use anything that you know they would like that they have never had before. Another favorite of mine (when I'm out of fruit snacks) is dried cranberries.
I have the kind of 3-year old that remembers EVERYTHING so even if he goes in the middle of the night, he reminds me of his fruit snacks in the morning.

I sure, hope this helps someone! I sure was looking for some information or tips like this last year.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Month Long Hiatus

Yo, what's up folks?!? I've been taking a month long hiatus to give myself some time to read and research a healthier lifestyle.

The church we attend (that we'll eventually become members of) did a church-wide fasting and praying venture while reading a 31-day devotional. Since I've been attending this church, I've learned about Biblical principles that I never really knew and the messages are delivered in a college-lecture fashion as opposed to the crunk Holy Ghost fashion. There's nothing wrong with either method but the latter method tends to side-track my me more.

I've been a Christian and person of good conscience all my life but attending this church has pushed me more to listen to and follow God's plan for my life. Since I have no idea of how to get started, I was that much more inspired to begin finding out what my purpose is....and its not just motherhood.

I decided to fast from desserts, which is a complete weakness and usually a daily meal/snack that I have. I figured it would also be a great time, month to get a tad more serious about my gym time, so all month I've been hitting up the treadmill, stairmaster and free weights.

By the way, I cheated one day on my desserts and I'm 4 days behind on my reading just because I didn't feel like reading. {rolls eyes}
I'm going to finish it though ----> my New Year's Resolution to myself was to read more books and FINISH them.
That really takes up my free blogging time.

Welcome to the 'Gun' Show!

My muscles look bigger in person, but hey, I'm finally getting somewhere on #TeamKeepItTight!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gumbo to Savor!

On New Year's Day, we eat gumbo. Every year. It is deeeeeeeelicious. too! I guess you can say its a family recipe, although my mom uses approximations as opposed to measurements. Her recipes are typically orderly approximations, haha.

List of ingredients:
Chicken thighs (last year it was chicken legs)
Andouille sausage (hot link style)
Crab legs (cut up)
1 can of oysters (chopped finely)
1/2 Onion
1 tbsp. Minced garlic
Frozen okra
Old Bay seafood seasoning
Gumbo File seasoning

Lightly oil your pot. Season and pan fry your chicken until it gets brown. You're not going to cook the chicken all the way through, just 'flash fry' it. Then put the chicken in the pot and fill the pot with water enough to cover the chicken.
Next, flash fry your sausage and put into the pot of water with the chicken. Before putting your sausage into the pot, make sure you are boiling your chicken on high. Let your chicken (and sausage) boil for a minimum of 30 mins.
Add your roux of (flour and water) to your pot to thicken up your mixture. I put 4-6 tbsp of flour into a separate frying pan and let it brown, then put enough water in to make it like gravy. Stir, stir, stir when adding your water so that the flour doesn't clump up. Unfortunately I didn't take measurement of the flour and water so this will be according to your own eye.
When your roux (gravy) is done, add it to the pot along with Old Bay seasoning and some Gumbo File.
Anyway, once you add the seasoning mixes to your pot, taste, taste, taste! Add more until you're satisfied.
Once your chicken is falling off of the bone (take the bones out of course), that means its time to add your okra [if you year I'll replace this ingredient with celery] and then your onions, oysters and seafood. Don't forget to taste, taste, taste. Let your gumbo continue to simmer on low while all of the ingredients marry together and voila.
Serve with rice.

*Sorry that I don't have specific measurements and cooking times but this is an idea for you to "start" if you don't know how to. I really think the only thing that would need to be measured is the roux (gravy).
*Depending on the amount of meat and seafood you choose to use, you'll add the gumbo seasonings according to your own taste; measurements would give you an idea of how much to use but would probably be changed anyway.
.*After all of the ingredients were added to the pot, I had to add more water for them all to be immersed. More water meant more seasonings.

If you ever try to make this, let me know how it turns out!