Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day of Fall, Tumbling + Day 6

I didn't have a chance to welcome in Fall correctly! "Well Fall, we welcome you with open arms here in Texas!" I've only been here for a year now, but it seems fall in Texas is gonna be the most loveliest season here. Right now the weather is low to mid-80's and sometimes low 90's with a nice breeze and a shot of sun. I'm not complaining about the 90's because its not 100+!!!!

Unfortunately the wildfires have destroyed a ginormous amount of homes. I can't even imagine and thank God everyday for his protection of our family, home and things. There was a wildfire really close to us today as we left my oldest's tumbling class, but thankfully it was contained and didn't seem to destroy any homes nor the Primrose Preschool next to it. (Sidenote: we're trying to help him bring out his athletic ability. :-) Both of us parents are athletes, so the faster he's running and jumping, the more fun the park can be for us, ha ha. Its fun for him now. Anyway he has a severe case of the 'pigeon-toed--ness.')

Taken in May. Its not as bad now, but its not much better.
Since his feet are still pigeon-toed, it kinda gives him this funny run that he does to prevent tripping over his toes all the time. Its like he's high stepping when he's running and its the funniest thing ever. We can't help but laugh and so do our friends, but I just pray his ankles/feet/whatever straighten out better in the next few months so he can run and jump like he wants without being afraid of tripping over his toes. Our friends say their kid's seemed to straighten around the 2-yr mark, so that gives us 2.5 more months to go!

What we've learned is that toddler boys don't really like to pay attention and toddler girls do, lol. It. is. funny. He likes the class, but whenever he sees a ball, basketball, soccer ball or volleyball, he forgets about the class and throws the ball. Today, there were 2 volleyballs in his line of vision and he walked away from what the class was doing and threw those 2 balls over and over about 3 times and had Da da running. I was cracking up of course. Mainly because I wasn't the running after the balls. :-) Da da only let him do it 3 times but that kid was OVER those somersaults! tee hee hee


Its Day 6 of the Fall Crawl and we're heading over to Tracy Cooks It Right for her pumpkin bread pudding. Doesn't that sound delicious?!? Check out her recipe from her healthy kitchen.

Hope you're enjoying the Fall weather wherever you are. :-0


  1. i love Fall but it has def. gotten a lot chillier the last few days.

    i can just picture him throwing the ball, you laughing and your hubby chasing him. cracking me up!

  2. My baby girl is seriously pigeon toed AND bow legged!! I have heard that the legs straighten by 3 so I am hoping that hers will, but Im discouraged a bit because my dad's legs are the same way and he's waaaaay over 3! The funny thing about it though is that she is a super fast runner, rarely falls, and cuts corners with the best them. Her dad always comments that if she was a boy he would be super excited about her ability to potentially be great at football. So much for that dream but he always reminds me that is is the powder puff girls football....

  3. I was pigeon-toed as a child! It corrected itself for the most part. If you look close, you can still tell I'm slightly so. lol I think it's adorable in men though, so don't worry about lil' man! He's going to have all the ladEEZ. :D


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