Friday, September 30, 2011

More Fall Crafts

My original craft was supposed to be mini pumpkin cakes. I bought a mini bundt cake pan and made mini chocolate cakes. They are deeeeelicious! The problem came when it was time to do the icing. I didn't like how the consistency changed once I added food coloring to dye the icing orange. I prefer to make my own icing [but use box cakes] because I can control how much sugar there is.  Anyway, here's my inspiration:

Since my orange icing didn't work out, here is my revised inspiration:

I really need to learn how to make colorful icing because I have plans for my boys' birthday party. I gotta get this together quick! Last year I made colorful icing that turned out great, so not sure how I messed this batch of icing up so badly. I'm taking them to my mom's group party tonight and will have to post pictures of them later.

Today's Fall Crawl craft takes us over to Meli Faif Life. Her blog (and daughter) is incredibly adorable! So check her out.

Yarn wreath.

Tutorial here. Yep, gonna try and make one of these too!

Have a great weekend Lovelies!


  1. I sure would love to try out your icing!!!!!! Thanks for the mention! Cheers for Friday!!!!

  2. Hey lady, maybe next time, add a little more sugar to thicken the frosting back up. That may do the trick. Super cute idea though. At least you got some chocolate cake out of your trial! lol!

  3. What a great idea - your fall ideas are great.
    You are very creative.

    I did the baby registry :)!

  4. YUM Deia.. I'll have some.. :)) I love the icing.. Great job..

  5. D, I would LOVE for you to add this to my Pin Board via "Pin'Inspirational Thursdays" pweeease... TY..

  6. Hi girlie, all u have to do is copy the url to this post and add it :))


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