Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Straightened Hair - Length Check!

I finally straightened my hair by myself and it was a success! Woohoo! I do my body measurements with my hair, so I would say I am APL, arm pit length. I wanted to straighten my hair because we took family photos and since its summertime, I won't be straightening for a LONG time.

December 2010

Um...ouch! Note to self: Always AIR DRY!
May 2011 - excuse my poor lighting
May 2011

I have several layers throughout my hair. It seems that the majority of my hair is at my shoulder blades but my longer layers (and bottom half of my head) is APL, arm pit length. The average head of hair grows 6" a year or 1/2" a month. I am not sure where my hair growth falls within that standard, so I am just trying to establish good practices to continue retaining as much as I can each month.
In December 2010, my longest layer reached the bottom of my shoulder blades and I cut it off because I thought my ends were straggly and unhealthy. Now, I know that my ends were actually healthy but still 'curly' and the 'curl' came off as straggly.
This time when I straightened, I used the comb-chase method and that helped my ends to really straighten out. Wash day this week will consist of a light protein treatment and some intense deep conditioning to replenish anything lost from using heat on my hair.


  1. Thanks Keya! Its that good ole castor oil. :)

  2. Deia- I see what you're saying. Maybe you're on to something. My hair does seem to hold the most curl at the ends. It seems like my ends are so much thicker and tangled than the rest of my hair.


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