Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yooooowwwwww!!!!!!!! Its hot! (Haircare)

This summer is clearly going to brutal, temperature-wise. I mean, goodness! We moved from the midwest, which has a lot of everything -- 12" snow, to crazy July heat -- to Texas. I was excited to be somewhere where the winters wouldn't be as long and bitterly cold. But I guess there's a give and take because this Texas heat is no joke! We knew the summers were gonna be torture, but damn! I start sweating when I walk to my mailbox at the curb! No straight hairstyles this summer. Glad I got that out of the way Memorial Day weekend. Oh, and the humidity has the nerve to still contribute itself when the temperature is already 97 degrees, which is what we'll be facing tomorrow and 101 degrees on Friday and 102 degrees on Saturday. Whew! I was warned, but we're still happy with the move. Welcome to Texas I guess. I hear Houston is much hotter and humid, so it could be worse.

I try to run my errands and outings before the peak temps hit, which is generally sometime in the morning, but when it is 82 degrees at 8:30 am, I might as well not even rush and wait until noon. It cracks me up when we hear Texans say, "make sure you live near a pool." Yeah, a pool is not that important to me because whether I am outside walking, playing in the park or playing in the car, the big-bright-beautiful sun is still beaming its 100 degree heat on me. I can't transform into a mermaid and stay under the water forever while outside, soooooo I'm staying indoors where the AC is, lol. My hubby who is a pretty talented golfer and former football player can still deal with it if he chooses, i.e. the pool or the golf course. His reasoning is because he dealt with it at the beginning of football season. Well, not me buddy! Ok, just kidding. I will go to the pool every now and then, but I prefer to only go to the pool when the peak temperature is 90 degrees! And that probably won't be happening until the beginning of September.

*Sidenote: my Bambino is much better! Fever gone.

The deal with my hair this week.....Moisture-drenching

I'm not doing anything special style-wise this week or maybe even for a while. Well, hold on I may change my mind next week and rock some twists. I just want to give my hair a break after my blow drying and flat ironing session a few weeks ago. I actually wore it straight for two weeks. Right now, to keep my ends healthy, I'm doing my usual daily moisture-drenching and keeping my hair in a low ponytail puff. I started moisture-drenching because even though I have been retaining an awesome amount since last summer rocking my twist outs, I hated the fact that I pretty much let my hair 'dry' out or feel completely dry due to the fact that I didn't want to disturb my twist-out look (by adding any moisture) that I would wear for a week at a time.
I plan to rock a braidout out twist out this weekend though.

My moisture-drenching is to keep my hair moisturized and oiled even with its UV exposure in the summer and frigid drying temps in the winter. No matter how hot it gets, my hair will still be moisturized and the heat can't dry it out when I'm at the park or out running errands. I also started doing moisture-drenching because the way to retain our hair growth is to keep the ends of our hair healthy. The ends are the oldest parts of our hair, so if they aren't taken care of, there goes all of our hard work.

My current, daily moisture-drenching routine is:

-Spray water to lightly dampen my whole ponytail
-Put Herbal Essences Hydralicious all over my dampened ponytail
-I brush my ponytail, ends only, while holding the bulk of the ponytail steady
-Next, I take a quarter-sized amount of Burts Bees Baby Oil and rub that over my ends
-Last, I scrape a glob of my shea butter and 'warm' by rubbing my hands together and then I put the shea butter all over my ponytail ends.

Some of my curls are extremely defined after this and some arent, but at least I know, its been partially detangled and fully moisturized. I know some naturals actually put a mix condtioner and water in a spray bottle and spritz their hair with it daily, but I didn't really like the fact that the if you don't use all of your conditioner-water mix, then the conditioner ends up loosing its effects due to its dilution from the water. So, my method is pretty much the same.


  1. is the climate there similar to las vegas?? i visited las vegas for a week last summer and my hair was loving it!! i dunno if it was bc it was hot but not as humid or what but every style i rocked was looking great (twist out, wash and go, blow out with half wig).

    i need to make sure im moisturizing my hair everyday. i have been slacking but i think i have an excuse with a 3 week old newborn at home. lol

  2. Girl it really seems similar to Vegas. Its good for the tresses, but on days when the humidity kicks up kinda high, it frizzes out my front. You definitely don't need to be worried about any hair stuff for a while. Maybe we'll see some of your pretty styles around 6 weeks?!? ;-)


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