Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boredom....What To Do????

I swear this is how my toddler feels right now. I don't know what to do. He is bored out of his mind with our normal activities and since I am not the most creative person/mommy in the world, I'm having a hard time coming up with alternative activities.

Its hot. I mean REALLY hot, so hanging outside at the pool or at the zoo is out of the question since my 5 month old can't be in the sun during peak temperatures. We usually go to the pool after my hubby gets home from work. By this time, the temperature is like 90 degrees instead of 100, ha ha!

I'm running out of activities to do with my oldest boy. I want to do something fun where we both can get out of our same old routine everyday. Our normal routine of flash cards, books and play time with toys is better when its done 3 days out of the 5-day work week. Now, I need something new to fulfill the other 2 days.

Any ideas???? What kinds of activities do you do with your little one(s) everyday?


  1. Yea, like I'd mentioned to you earlier. Me and my son go to the pool often, but once #2 gets here, that will stop. I'm not sure myself what I will do with him then. Check the libraries & bookstores near you. A lot of them have story time for toddlers, and ppl really do show up for it! Also, here in ATL they have these little indoor playgrounds for kids. One chain here is called "Monkey Joe's"--it's like 5 bucks (total I spent for me and the kid) and it's just a huge space filled with bounce houses and stuff like that. Let me know if you get any other suggestions!

  2. Yikes! I don't have any ideas but I'm gonna keep watching cause this will be me someday and then I can rely on the answers you get as a resource.

  3. Thanks Nik! I think I will definitely start going to story time. I wanted to do that a while ago, but my youngest boy had an 'interesting' temperament and cried a lot. Glad he's out of that stage now! We have an indoor play area near me (20 mins away is good in TX) called Safari Park and it sounds similar to Monkey Joe's. I'll have to let you know how that goes. Its not as diverse on the Ft. Worth side like it is on the Dallas side.

    Nini! Something tells me you won't need to much advice. You're gonna be perfect at this mommy stuff! Well.....2 kids at different stages makes all moms scratch their heads on how to keep them busy. I'll fill you in on how these activities turn out.

  4. I don't have kids but one year I held a summer camp for kiddies and we played a lot of sand games, ballon parachutes, discovering things in our community sort of thing! Singing songs and dancing. Nap time was also fun too! Good luck:-)

  5. It's hard when you have 2 at different stages. My oldest is almost 3, my youngest is 10 months.
    We do story time and I read to both of them. Sometimes the baby gets distracted and will play with a toy. I read about 4 books. Then we move on to other things like coloring & painting for my toddler, then I can spend one on one time with my baby.
    Another thing we all like to do is watch baby genius (I have it on my cable, ONDEMAND) nursery rhymes.
    My toddler also works on learning numbers, and I buy workbooks for him to trace numbers & color.

  6. I'm def not in this situation but these are activities i did with my moms at work who had toddlers: scavenger hunt with household items, build a fort/tent out of pillows and sheets, build a robot out of recyclables, pick 1 color or theme each day and make collages from old magazines, you can even make your own flashcards with old newspaper ads and some note cards, sink vs float activity, make homemade popsicles from fresh fruits and veggies, story time of course, have a tea party/ birthday party for a favorite toy or stuffed animal, play dress up, finger paint, paint with watercolors, paint with water (some kids love it), plant something and monitor its growth all summer, have a yard sale, "practice" cleaning (lol), this website ( has lots of activities that you can print out to go with nursery rhymes and classic kids songs, hang out in the produce section and talk about the different foods and the colors, tastes and smells, make a fruit salad/ try a new fruit or veggie, visit a pet store... just some ideas. hope they help!!!


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