Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tangle Method Tuesday - Comb Chase Method

The comb teeth face outward.

Stabilize the comb, while adding the flat iron.

Catch the comb with the flat iron.

Finish straightening!

When you want that "relaxed" straight hair look....this is the method to get it! Since I am right-handed, my describing of how to do this will be for right-hand dominant folks, but switch my hand placements with yours if you're left-handed. I saw a girl do this off of youtube and I was a bit scared to try it for fear that my coordination skills were gone. :-) But, they're still good! Next time I do this, it will be done on air-dried hair instead of blow-dried. My blow-drying hurt so bad, that I didn't get it as straight as I could have and so I may have used to flat iron a little longer than I would've liked, but you live and learn. 

First, I took a small section of hair and after putting my heat protectant (Fantasia IC) on, I combed through the section with the fine-toothed comb. Then, I took the handle of the fine-toothed comb with my right hand and placed it somewhere in the middle of the section of hair. The teeth were facing outward meaning away from my body. Next, I held the teeth of the comb, seen in the 2nd picture above, with my left hand while taking the flat iron with my right hand, and straightened my hair all the way down to where it met the comb and comb handle. I grabbed the comb handle, dropped my left hand and finished straightening to the end of the section of hair. 

I did two passes with the flat iron and comb. I think that the next time I do this, air drying in braids will allow me to only need to do one pass with the flat iron and comb. Also, I plan to get a comb that has teeth that are a little more rounded and a tad bit wider. As you may be able to see in the pictures above, the teeth are a bit pointy, so they weren't very gentle on my hair. Oh, and I will do bigger sections for a little more volume. It was a bit too flat for my liking. 

Au Revoir....


  1. i also use the comb chase method when i straigten my hair. i apply only grapeseed oil after washing and conditioning my hair and then straighten. i get great results everytime!!! awesome post!

  2. I'm gonna definitely keep this in my back pocket. I don't want to use heat for a while again. But when I do....ya know I'll be blogging about it...and shouting you out too....lol! Thanks for directing me to this.


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