Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Natural Hair Journey

Here are some pictures that outline the progress I have made in my natural hair growth journey.

Straightened Hair

My relaxed hair: Last relaxer was February 2009.

Post Big Chop - I freaked and got it straightened ASAP.

December 2010

May 2011 - a bit uneven but I'm not due for a trim yet.

I'm in love with the bob haircut, but I'm ready for long and luscious hair. When chemically relaxed, my hair never reached past my collarbone.Currently, I consider it to be arm pit length.

'Wet' Hair

Post Big Chop - Wash 'n go: March 2010

Wash 'n go: May 2011 - still wet.

Wash 'n go: May 2011 - fully dry w/ shrinkage.

Only Herbal Essences Hello Hydration was used immediately after my Big Chop in the first  wash 'n go picture. Coconut oil and Eco-Styler gel were used in the last two wash 'n go pictures with no leave-in conditioner. What has really helped me with retaining length has been moisture-drenching, deep conditioning and very little direct heat usage.

I had a small setback in December 2010, where I trimmed off 2" all because what I thought were shabby ends were actually my coils that were flattened by the flat iron instead of straightened. Then I learned about the comb-chase method. My hair would be 2" longer than it is now if I'd have known about how to trim properly. Oh well, you live and learn.


  1. Your hair is lovely

  2. Your hair is beautiful! Thanks for sharing ur journey pics! My goal is arm pit length but I had a terrible set-back a few months ago. Now I'm considering tex-laxing instead of full out relaxing.

  3. You have gorgeous hair! I'm natural too! (but I do wear weaves and wigs when I get the itch):)

  4. Thanks Miss Dre! Don't go back to fully relaxing. I recommend DC'ing your hair every week though. And moisturizing and oiling your hair a minimum of 2x a week.

    Thanks High Heels! I would wear weaves and wigs, but I'm too lazy to get it done. My easy, lazy style is a ponytail. :-/ I wish I could be a little jazzier, but oh well.

  5. Seems like we use a lot of the same products. My hair LOVES HE - HH, coconut oil, and olive oil colesterol (sp?).


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