Friday, June 3, 2011


My fab find is my NOOK-COLOR!!!  I freaking love this thing! I am a huge reader but oddly enough, I was apprehensive about this purchase. Why? Well, to me there is nothing like turning the pages of a book to me. I can read 200+ page books in a week, when I'm not tending to babies or catching up on my 'ridiculous' shows during naptime.....ridiculous shows being The Real Housewives of everywhere and my guilty pleasure, One Life To Live - so upset its going off the air. Anyway, I also love the feeling of accomplishment I feel when the stack of pages in my left hand go from a thin stack to a thick stack. I don't know why but it is just cool to me. It may have to do something with starting and finishing something, because procrastination is typically something I'm good at.

Well, with the Nook-Color, you don't get to have that feeling of accomplishment being able to see the stack of pages in your left hand increase, but it is still awesome! You can highlight however many pages you like and make notes. And best of all, you can start reading multiple books all at once! Okay okay, that definitely isn't good with 'procrastination' problems but the option is cool. Although I love being able to keep a small bookcase of my books, I'll probably never dedicate a room in my house for a library, so its not too big of a deal that I don't own the actual book instead of my electronically downloaded copy. The Nook-Color also gives the option of being able to download a free sample (meaning a previously selected # of pages) of the book you are thinking about purchasing, which is just as good as going to the bookstore or library and reading a few pages before buying it. So, yes you do have to purchase books but you do so at a discounted price which is nice. Some books even have a "sharing/lending" option where you can let another Nook-Color owner borrow one of your downloads for free for a certain amount of time. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm sure I will eventually.

Okay, enough with the books! What about games? Email? Internet browsing? The Nook-Color does all of it. The code has even been cracked so that you can make it an Android tablet. I haven't done that and probably never will. I'll just use my android phone. The games that I play are crossword puzzles, Sudoku and chess. Oh amd I have Pandora on there too! So, the last great thing about the Nook-Color is that you can take it on the plane and still have a ton of books and magazines, games and music all stored in one place!
If you're a reader, I say damn the iPad....go get you a Nook-Color! Its even half the price. :-)

Happy Friday!

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