Friday, June 24, 2011

Marble Slab Ice Cream & Red Lips

The guilty pleasure that I will be indulging in this weekend is none other than, some form of chocolate!!!! tee hee hee. I hadn't heard of Marble Slab 'til we moved to Texas. This place puts Cold Stone and Sheridan's to shame! Even Baskin Robbins is getting the side-eye from me!

Best ice cream made fresh daily!

Okay, by now you can tell that I am addicted to chocolate. But pre-baby, I had some standards, i.e. no Chips Ahoy, but anywho my favorite at Marble Slab is the Amaretto flavored ice cream with Heath bar mix-ins. The flavor special that they are running right now is Chocolate Coconut Rum!!!!! Hmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Perfect when outside in this HEAT!
Enjoy the weekend, stay cool and indulge in something sweet!


Mommy's getting her groove back with Sephora Red!


Plain jane...

Then pow! Red hawt!

Headed to the pool!

What's your favorite dessert to cool down with in this HEAT? What's your favorite ice cream [flavor] place? 

How are did you get your groove back this week or this weekend?!?


  1. i just found your blog...of course through other's people's blogs..loving your blog! and your hair..i need to come for a tutorial!

  2. Stopping by from dollimama's that some pretty lipstick gets you back in the groove...and I LOVE myself some ice cream, too! We have a dairy farm nearby that has awesome ice cream. I indulge most often in frozen yogurt, though...because I like to indulge *often*! :)

  3. Also stopping by from dollimama's blog. Chocolate is always a good indulgence. I have zero will power for all things sweet. Anything amaretto is delicious and irresistible!

  4. Love the red! and I totally agree with the Marble Slab better than Coldstone comment. lol. Hope you had a great weekend! P.S. Your twist/braid out looks hawt!


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