Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Henna & Clutches

My Clutch Crush

While getting some items at Target last Friday, I came across a couple cute knick knacks and one included my new little clutch. I saw several clutches that I liked and will be going back for. I'm really into clutches now because when carrying two diaper bags around (or in the stroller), I just don't have the patience or desire to carry around my former cute fashionable purses. So for now, they're on hold and I'm turning up my love for clutches. The one I bought was $9.99, big enough for my wallet, keys, lip gloss, gum, cell phone and compact mirror....without making it bulky. What really got me though, is the silver circle that acts as a handle. I can slip my forearm through and carry it, while still holding my boys, their bags or even grocery bags without dealing with it sliding off of my shoulder. Don't you just hate when your purse slides off your shoulder while your carrying something heavy?!? I hate that!

Texture Manipulation???  

I hate to say this but....I think I will be henna'ing more often, solely for the purpose of [slightly] loosening up the texture in the middle of my head. I've tried all kinds of methods suggested for avoiding tangles and knots and I just don't know how to handle the tighter coils of my crown. The front of my head is so loose in texture, that its wavy and the crown/back is so extra tight. I hate snipping random knots out. I may be hopeful to the extent of naive, but I'm hoping a little loosening of the texture will help me minimize, and.......dare I say it, prevent these little knots from continuing to form. My only dilemma is how the heck do I continue my curl loosening when I have new growth without the previously loosened part ending up curl-less? Sigh.....I give up. Back to the drawing board? No....I'm definitely going to try this henna thing.

Henna is an ALL NATURAL great conditioning/strengthening treatment for ALL hair types and is a nice red rinse (color effect) that can really only be seen in the sunlight, if your hair is naturally black.....any other colors like blond or gray then your head is turning coppery-red. And I love the color red. :-) To see how henna changes the color of a natural blond, go here. For women with ethnic hair, the color change isn't as vibrant, but if you're coloring gray you end up with copper highlights in black hair which is totally cute. My mom loves it now!

I have tried henna once as an overnight and another time as a gloss - meaning mixed with a conditioner and left on for only 3-4 hours. Both times, it was right after I had cut off my relaxed ends. I've only done it twice in the past year, mainly because I didn't want it to loosen my coils (not because of the crazy need to prove ethnic hair is beautiful and blah blah blah, only because I liked my coily texture). I know my change of heart is crazy, right? Not to mention, I just don't have that kind of time to devote to my hair since I'm a mommy of two adorably demanding boys! I really like my curls (but have seen henna's curl loosening powers when used on a very regular basis), but as it gets longer, its becomes more difficult to keep these knots at bay! I plan to place my order and hopefully receive the henna next week. My plan and challenge is to do a henna gloss once a month, starting next week or so. I may have to push this start date back to the beginning of July. I will be ordering my BAQ, body art quality - foil pouch only henna from here. Its on sale for $5.50 from $6.99, so I'll be ordering today!

Right after my BC, I did a henna gloss and check out the curls I had popping and bouncing everywhere! My tighter coily curls afre the diameter of a Bic pen.

Picture taken immediately upon rinsing.


  1. i love henna too! esp for the subtle red color and the super conditioning properties. cute clutch too!

  2. yes! I love the color affects, but i'm starting to want real color. i as planning on going as long as i could without doing anything drastic, but its sooooo hard not too. :-)

  3. OMG your hair looks so LUSH in that last pic.


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