Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Facebook 'Enemies' as Friends???

Do you have friends on facebook that you wish you never would have friended? If so, what did you do? Un-friend them or keep them? I have several facebook friends that I wish I could delete but I don't have the courage to. With my normally fiesty exterior, this seems like a no-brainer but I'm having a little turmoil with this issue. I really want to un-friend my ex-boyrfriend and some of his female friends (that were once mine but turned on me once I got with my current husband). This all happened a little over 10 years ago by the way. Does it sound like I'm holding onto any anger, lol? Ok, really I'm not.....let me explain.

I'm from a town where "everybody knows your name," okay not everybody, but at least 50+ former high school classmates, older and younger that were in the 'popular' crowd knows your name and try to continue high school social drama for 10 years off and on. I'm currently trying to escape this instead of my usual "act like its not happening, and still be friendly" attitude. After pushing out my second boy, I have taken on the role of Jim Carrey in that movie, "Liar Liar," and I now have a hard time lying, i.e. being nice to those who were once mean and/or gossipy to and about me. Of course, these mean ones want to become your 'friend' again once you have kids. Ummmm.......no?!? Okay, well I also forgot to mention that these girls are wives and friends to a couple of my hubby's close friends. To me, it used to say a lot about his friends' character, but after awhile I started to notice that they were the type of men who ignored their loud and obnoxious wives as well as ignored how their wives treated people. That's all fine and dandy.....but I live in what you call the real world and that type of behavior is not acceptable or forgivable. Its just gross.....and I'm not that desperate for friends.

I want to get rid of my ex-boyfriend on there because.....well, why not. We're not friends or even friendly. He's friendly with my husband, but that's because most men are not petty like some women can be. Anywho, we don't really converse on there at all, soooooo..........why is he my friend? He added me (just like those 30-yr old female fake bullies mentioned above) and I accepted/confirmed them just to keep 'peace.' Peace being not giving them something to talk about, but now I'm realizing people are going to do that regardless. I also accepted their friendships because I didn't want it to seem like I had any negative feelings or past angers still unresolved. I'm happily married, trust me and I couldn't care less about my ex.................well, actually a friend and sorority sister of mine said it best in her status the other day, "I saw my ex and he's gained weight....its the little things!" I love it and no harm done, just a little extra weight to shrinken their ginormous, "I'm the man" ego.I would just rather have a lot of facebook 'friends' that I have fun with and/or have no ill will/feelings toward me (even if I don't know them very well), than have 'friends' I've known for years and have gossiped about me for just under a decade. I don't want to stir drama, I just want to live reality, and in reality we do not see each other and smile, so why make nice on facebook?

Now I just have to find some courage, although I could totally be opening a can of worms for myself. I'm off to watch the Wizard Of Oz......

What do you think I should do? Delete them or continue to ignore their presence in my friends list?


  1. Your hair is beautiful. I would say delete those non-friends. That's what I did on facebook. I go through my list every once in awhile, and I just delete the people that I don't talk to at all.
    What sorority are you in?

  2. Thanks Keya! I think I will be deleting them. I'm gonna say a prayer before though, cuz it may stir some stuff, but I need to get over that. I'm ready to stop pleasing people that 'mistreat' my kindness.

    I'm a Delta! :-)

  3. Good for you.
    Hey Soror, I'm a Delta too!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! I am in love with your HAIR!!!! OMG! Lol! As for the FB thing I say delete them. I deleted my ex and all my girlfriends who stayed friends with him after our divorce (he's a popular dj and can get them into clubs). I go through my account regularly and make sure its current.

  5. Keya!!!!! Hey Soror! Oo-oop! We have to hook up at the Centennial! :-)

    Thanks Nini! I think I'm gonna follow your lead and start regularly keeping it current.


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