Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Styling Without Heat

I usually do medium-sized twists for my twist-outs. They take me approximately 3 hours, when I'm tending to babies, 2 hours if I'm not. I don't part my hair with a comb, but instead I make sections with my finger and when I'm out, I wear cute hats to cover my sloppy, finger parts.
I only wear the twists for 3 days max. and then I take them down for the twist-out. This is my look when I want a very defined look for my curls and waves, but it does get big and less defined on its own when slept on for a few days.

After being slept on for a few days, it gets big!

Products used for twists:
Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream
Castor Oil
Nubian Heritage Shea Butter

I oil and massage my scalp with castor oil everyday, when rocking my twist-outs. I don't put any product on my actual hair strands though. Not sure if I should or how I should without messing up the style. 
Got any ideas?

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