Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Operation 'Flab To Abs' in Full Effect

New plan --- get these abs back visible or close to it, by July 4th. Our family vacay to Myrtle Beach is the following week and I need to be fabulous! :-)
I visited my doctor recently and she basically told me that my extra stomach will never go away.
::turns head::
:::cups ear:::
"Say what now?!?", "Come again?!?" 
She said that me being so small (I know she wanted to say short), and carrying a big ole baby, my skin stretched more than it would've had for a taller person, with a longer torso, having a baby my boys' sizes or if I were to have had a smaller baby. She said that it will go down, but never back to 6-packin' it.

Well, I'll show her! Hmph!

Check out my new exercises, no crunches necessary (most are self explanatory).

Start in the push-up position and rotate body.
What's your fitness plan(s) for the summer or anytime afterwards?


  1. I need to work on my abs too. It's hard for me to lose weight. I have that "fat" gene, lol. Right now I've been working out on the elliptical twice a week, and been doing pilates. I'm hoping to do some work outs with my ball, and some hardcore ab work outs too.

  2. I think I want to get a ball. I also bought a workout dvd at Target done by Jackie Warner. She had or has a show on Bravo. Its a good toning exercise dvd, but I may need to do some cardio. I want to order Hip Hop Abs from Amazon. I'm hoping that'll get me motivated.


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