Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baseball Game No Go

Last night we were supposed to take the boys to the baseball game. Its been cloudy humid, and raining for the past two weeks. We got these tickets for free so we were excited to use them of course! Oh, and there was a threat of a thunderstorm and tornado watch, but we hadn't seen any signs of it, so we still head to the stadium.

When we get there it becomes extremely windy, almost to the point of pushing you in the direction the wind is blowing. Okay, well literally pushing me, but I'm pretty tiny. :-)  Anyway, it was still not TOO bad, so we keep walking in the direction of the stadium, after we've already paid and parked. At first, we take time to think about whether we should even get out of the car, then once we're out of the car, whether we should even walk to the stadium or not. I mean, the wind decided to pick up more and more with each passing minute. Finally, I say, "if we're gonna go, then lets just start walking and if not lets just get back in the car and leave." So, we take off walking with my hubs carrying our youngest boy on his chest in a carrier and the oldest boy on his shoulders. :-) He likes to be superdad!

So we make it into the stadium, away from the wind and we get to our seats. The hubs thought that the seats were under an awning, but they were actually the row that was covered under the awning. So, when we get to these middle level seats, the wind returns just a little bigger than before and we sat down for all of 5 minutes before we leave. As we decided to leave, a nice baseball fan took a picture for us, and security told us that she would be evacuating everyone with babies because of the strong winds. Well, that was all we needed to hear before we decided to walk alllllll the way back to the car. Of course my hubby, the guy was like, "Do you wanna wait it out? Its probably gonna pass in a little while." My answer, "Hell no!" I didn't want to be bumped in a crowd of [evacuated] people with our two babies. So, back to the car we went. This time when we got outside, the wind was a completely different animal and was stronger than we had ever experienced anywhere! Yeah, superdad went out of the window. He was trying to cover the youngest baby's face with his hand so he could catch his breath. My motherly instincts kicked in and I wrapped and tied his thin blanket around him, covering his head and then we took off.....but, why did I have the 28 lb. boy and my much taller and stronger hubby have the 16 lb. boy?!? The wind was sooooo strong that when got to the car it blew leaves, sticks and sand in our car! I just really liked how we worked together and listenend to each other....especially my hubby listening to me. Sometimes he likes to be sooo 'super' that he doesn't listen and just whips out his cape, but ends up taking the long way and not the shortcut.

We leave the stadium and head home taking the long way, on purpose ;-), and end up sitting in a gas station until the marble-sized hail passed. I fed both babies in the backseat, so they were content and none-the-wiser as to what was going on. We waited for 30 minutes before we headed home. At first, when we were walking in the parking lot, back to the car, I was disappointed in myself for not listening to my spirit tell me not to go to the stadium...but the more I thought about it while we were waiting it out at the gas station, I did listen to my spirit! Yayyyy! This is a quest that I continually try and work on. We were led to the stadium because the storm was actually at our house when we probably reached the stadium. We saw the tennis ball-sized hail, neighbors were showing on the news when we got home. Then, the spirit directed us away from the stadium, because as soon as we left and while we were at the gas station listening to the weather updates, the baseball game was delayed due to strong winds, large hail and possible tornadic activity! Thank God, we listened when he directed us! Thank God FOR directing us! When you have babies/kids, there is nothing more important than their happiness and safety, no matter the looming storm.

Like the author of "Eat Pray Love" Elizabeth Gilbert said in the first few chapters, "If you don't believe in God, believe in something."

I can't wait until tornado season is over.

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