Saturday, May 14, 2011


Getting Dog-gone Played.....

So this is or was my first baby, I mean dog. I got him at the beginning of my super-senior year in college. FYI...a super senior year in college is your last year past the standard 4-yr mark. My duration was five years, thanks to my engineering curriculum and....*cough* partying.

Anywho, he is now 6 years old and no longer MY dog. Having two babies, back-to-back, does a wonder on your body AND your nerves. He is actually the best dog I could have ever asked and prayed for....but he is NEEEDDDDDYYYYY! I mean, sure I kinda helped him get that way, but he was born with a high maintenance personality. Fetch was never in his vocabulary, lol.

So, we move to another state, while preggo, and his constant whining and desire to be petted (which used to be cute) was wearing itself out quickly. Being a newbie SAHM, singing songs and having one-sided conversations all day is more tiresome than plugging math formlas! Fast forward a few months...boy #2 is born and all dog walking has vanished. He was clearly just as fed up from going from the center of attention to being nonexistent, as we were with his whining.  Sooooo, we found a buyer for him on craigslist and we sold him. :-(
For a few months, I was really torn up about it. His new owner kept in touch by sending pictures and updates, which was really nice. Then, last week, the new owner had an emergency and asked us to keep him for awhile. Since we missed him, we were like "Sure!" Well, now its been a week and a couple days and he gots ta go!!!! He's still sweet, but spoiled and probably moreso now! He follows you and stares at you in your eyes until you move and then when you do, he jumps up like he's going on a walk. Uh....did I mention that I had TWO babies?!? Stroller-walking is far different from dog-walking and stopping to pick up dog poop with a plastic bag every few steps. And no, you cannot sit on my lap with the baby. Cute...kinda, but no. 
Me to the dog: "Play with the oldest!"

The new owner was worried we wouldn't give him back, but now we're worried he won't come and take him back! Lol. Oh, did I mention he didn't give us any dog food and we had to buy a bag for the week? And he actually sort of was expecting us to make a 40 min. drive to drop him off like we did to pick him up?
As the week went by I said, "Yeah, we definitely got played.....'dog'-gone played!"

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