Monday, May 16, 2011

And the winner is.....

Boston Rob from Survivor - Redemption Island

Ok I must admit, this is my very first season watching Survivor and I think the hubs and I are hooked. The season was pretty good but did 'Boston' Rob really just mentally bully the crap out of everyone?!? I mean, no one used their own brain at all. Except for maybe craaaaazy Phillip, but he was toooo crazy, lol. The most annoying person ever on this season to me was Natalie. She didn't do anything, didn't win anything and acted like Rob's puppet. Everything she did, she ran it by Rob or just never ever voiced her own opinion. Wtf?!? On the reunion special, she basically said she didn't care what people thought and at least she made it to the final three. I agree in part because she shouldn't care what people think, but what did SHE think of herself after watching the season? At 19, I wasn't that gullible and naive and I don't know any other friends of mine that were to that extent. Let's be honest here, this competition was about winning money, so making it to the final 3 doesn't mean anything if you aren't the final 1!
If Phillip had ANY sense, he would've apologized to everyone he offended and said that he strategically wanted to be the villain because everyone would want to take him to the end with the assumption of him, the villain, losing. He could've talked himself into winning more votes, but his never failing crazy side stepped in and told someone "The hell with you!" and another person "Well, don't vote for me then!" Lol....uh what? <sarcasm> Way to try and win the money Phillip, way to go!
Rob kicked everyone's hiney mentally and deserved to win the million $! Its just a shame everyone assumed Rob would go to the finals and played submissively to him instead of having enough courage and [common] sense to blindside him, vote him out and make it more of an individually thinking game.

Can't wait for next season of Redemption Island!


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