Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Newest Guilty Pleasure.....

So, we all know cell phone games can be totally addictive! My old games of choice were Dominoes and Hearts, but that's because I'm a cards player....well a Bid Whist player mainly, but I can wreck a little shop and perform lockouts on dominoes if I need to. :-)
Anyway, I decided to try a new game recommended by the hubs....Mouse Trap. Its completely addictive though. The object is to move the blocks in a way so that you are able to move the mouse straight out. The mouse only goes forward and back not up and down. The blocks that are longer horizontally, ONLY move horizontally and the blocks that are longer vertically, ONLY move vertically. This makes it very difficult. At the top, is the game's suggested # of moves and time in seconds that it takes to solve the solution. For example, 12 moves in 00:12s. I can get that down in just under 00:30s. Right now, I'm stuck on board 2-58 (44 moves in 00:44s and I'm at 10+min) and I reFUSE to watch the solution. Soooo, I guess I'll remain stuck for a while. I don't wanna have the hubby solve it for me either (slightly competitive much? lol).


What is your favorite cell phone game?

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