Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Hair - Do It Big

So, normally my twist out are extremely defined to the point where they lay flat on my head at the top. Sometimes it even looks like my hair is relaxed and I think its because of that good ole' castor oil.
I usually set my twist outs on wet hair using Cantu Conditioning Cream and castor oil behind it, and make my twists small-sized, resulting in a not so big but cute and defined twist out.
For this twist out, which was done on dry hair after I detangled my raggedy and tangled bun, I used Shea Moisture Hair Smoothie, castor oil and pure shea butter on the ends.
Instead of drenching each piece of hair before I twisted it, this time I twisted my whole head in medium-sized twists and drenched a handful at a time.
I wore them for a few days before taking them down.
I definitely think it was a success and the hubby LOVED it! Next I will try this with braids instead of twists. A few more times and I will have my big hair look perfected!

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