Monday, October 31, 2011

PROJECT PINK: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Marilyn's Project Pink, I'm honoring a breast cancer survivor close to me.
My grandmother, who is currently 97 years old, has had issues with lumps for 20 years, but it was just 3-4 years ago when she had to undergo a mastectomy.
Yep, at 93 she had one of her breasts removed. The surgery was of course scary to all of our family and church members, but my faith was stronger than my fear! Truely.
My grandmother was scared though...and she has rarely shown fear and sadness in all my 29 years of living. :-)
We knew the odds of a patient at her age undergoing such a surgery and surviving with any recurring problems was slim.......but that is exactly what happened. All of her follow up visits as well as her recovery have been smooth sailing.
 Of course she still has some pain but that's nothing compared to cancer. Faith and prayer without worrying does wonders.
I still remember telling her after her surgery, while she was still in her hospital bed, that the next time we'd be going to a hospital will be because of me giving birth. That was my way of calming her nerves (though she got teary-eyed with worry, since her sister died of cancer 20+ years ago) and speaking into existence her being alive to see her great-grand children.
I'm VERY close to my grandma and so proud and lucky to have her!
Whenever I get the chance, I donate....but I'd like to find a "Run for Breast Cancer" in my area.

Do you know anyone effected by breast cancer? Share your story on Marilyn's page.


  1. Great post...can't believe at 93 she had to undergo surgery. She is a strong and courageous woman.

  2. Wow D, what a sentimental post. She's such a strong survivor!! I'm really happy things turned out well and your grammy is still here with us and HEALTHY.. WOW.. What a great post..THANK you SO very much for sharing your story. This is amazing and awesome and I sincerely appreciate you joining in and celebrating Project Pink.. YOU R O C K.. TY TY SO MUCH.. xoxoxo.. :)))

  3. @Mrs. H - Thanks, she really is! And very grounded in her faith. She has such a silent strength. Some people are big preachers of their religion but she is silent yet demonstrative.

    @Marilyn - I love her dearly and am so glad to still have her. Thanks so much for putting that together! I wanted to put something BC crafty together for her, but hopefully I'll get it done in time for Christmas.


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