Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankfulness Is A Developed Discipline."

We have so many things to be thankful for, but hearing a certain church sermon last weekend really put things into perspective. He said that "Thankfulness is a discipline to be developed." I thought "Wowwwww!" (in Flava Flav's voice)
He said we all come in (born) selfish, therefore its natural to be selfish and it takes practice and discipline to be 'thankful.' Selfish, obviously means wanting things that make us happy or that make us feel good/better. I thought, "Well, yeah....duh." As babies, we need to be taken care of. My 10-month old has a really hard time sharing and you'd think my 22-month old would have a harder time! Well....okay sometimes he does, but my youngest REALLY thinks everything is all his, our attention and all the toys! I mean literally, he doesn't want any toy except for the one in my oldest's hand. There are times when we need to be selfish but we can't forget to be thankful.

Our Thanks Changes Burdens Into Blessings

Anyway, he basically said that when we face adversity, we have to remember to be thankful for what we are learning from it. When we are thankful and profess it, our gift will come...but the gift comes after being thankful. How many times have you complained and said, "Ugh. Why me?" I know I have and the problem always resurfaces. Its hard to be thankful when we're feeling like crap and throwing pity parties. And I can be a GREAT party thrower. Its also funny when someone who doesn't know you or your problems says a message that seems to be talking directly to you. I love when that happens and I for one don't run from it!

Since our thanks changes our burdens into blessings, I plan to make a conscious effort in remembering this when my hard times and/or ill feelings creep into my mind. After all, life is about HOW we deal with what happens. Now, I have to remind myself of this around Christmas time, when dealing with family dramas.

I guess you could say this is gonna be apart of my New Year's resolution.


  1. I agree that we are born selfish. It's up to us to change our ways and teach our children about expectations and deserving. It's not hard (I still catch myself choosing want over need (or sometimes getting my hair done instead of paying Pepco on time)) so it's difficult to make sure my kids get that being thankful for what one has is a discipline learned over time.

  2. This was a beautiful post! I tweeted it!

    I completely agree with your post, through our thanks we diffuse what seems like an overwhelming situation and somehow start making our way back to center.

  3. what an awesome post! it is so true to always be thankful when things are going right. it is nice to be reminded that no matter what situation we are in we ought to be thankful. i think this is something i need to bring with me to the new year too!

  4. This is such a great post.. I totally agree as to adding this as part of my resolution.. I try to be thankful in the toughest of situations but I must admit, its challenging. I need to consistently remind myself it could be worse and grasp gratitude YOU just reminded me.. Thanks for this.. : )) Hope you are all better and the family.. xoxo..

  5. oh wow..i so needed to hear to this...thanks! I've never thought about looking at it like that and the poster above says it all! definitely need to add this to personal growth in the new year!

  6. @Arnebya - over Pepco? No but really, this actually gave me epiphanies and I'm glad I heard this message.

    @Nellie - Thanks so much!!! Yeah, I still believe in getting negative feelings out but after I've done so (in the time/days I've alotted myself), I will be grateful to bring myself back to my center.

    @Faith - Glad I could share something useful!

    @Marilyn - Thanks! WE're feeling better! And I do agree, it is VERY challenging. I need reminders all the time, so you know this is written down! :-)

    @Mrs. Pancakes - I'm so glad I could share something useful!

  7. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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