Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation Over...Back to Reality

For the past week, we {the hubs and kids and I} went to the Carolinas for a family vacation. I didn't have too much access to computers because our time was taken up by family, waves and sand.

I learned some things while on vacay and most importantly enjoyed some awesome seafood! So upset I forgot to take pictures of my delicious crab, rockefeller oysters and coconut-crusted grouper, well. It was delicious! Oh and I got to load up on Trader Joe's conditioners! Today, we decompress and tomorrow will be back to normal.

Have you had your summer vacation yet? If so, did eat some good food or do anything out of the ordinary?


  1. Sounds like fun! What restaurant did you go to for this amazing seafood? For the first time ever we took a road/camping trip for our summer vaca. Had a great time and it was one of the best so far.

  2. Yeah we already had our mini summer vacation :( so sad ... i need another one. October can't come soon enough.

    whenever we go on vacation i make it a big deal to eat tons, haha. i try lots of things that i wouldn't normally be able to try just because i'm on vacay! :)

    sounds like you had a fabulous time. welcome back!

  3. where in sc?? im so dissapointed that i wont be able vacation with my family in hilton head this year. we'll probably just visit ocean city for a few days later this summer when LOs a little older.

  4. I head to Jamaica on Sunday, when I get back I'll send on the update

  5. @TiAnna - I can't remember all of them but one we went to was the Dock Street Oyster Bar. How was camping? The hubs really wants to do that, but I'm kinda apprehensive.

    @Faith - Thanks! We do the same with food. Matter of fact that was the first time I had raw oysters. :-)

    @Alice - We went to Myrtle Beach. I'd love to go to Hilton Head next time. Vacays are fun when the baby can sit up on his own.

    @Dr. LiL - have fun in Jamaica!

  6. Camping was lots of fun! You don't have to sleep outside either, if you don't want. I would suggest you start off small and maybe camp out at a state park not far from home, and then if you like then you can go big. We usually stay at KOAs that also have cabins if you're not into sleeping in a tent.


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