Monday, July 11, 2011

I've Been Slacking.....And Kicking It

I've totally been slacking on my posts.....purely by accident. I went to my sorority sister's 30th birthday party and have been recovering ever since. Not from the alcohol, but from my social life. :-) The party was actually in a different state and I hadn't planned on going, but last minute saw a good deal that American Airlines was offering, bought a ticket and skipped town! The hubs watched the boys all weekend, took them to a baseball game....lucky enough they were in a suite (office tickets) and the women held our youngest since he has the most adorable cheeks ever, and got a chance to have pure quality guy time.

I, on the other hand, finally got a chance to hang out with my friends that I see maybe once a year and had a ball.

I'm rocking a twistout in a safari-type romper.
Taking it to the flo'!

 These two pics were from the party when Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" Remix/Extended Version. I don't know what woman can stay off the dance floor when that song is played!

My Awesome Find

 Since my postpartum workout has not been going as planned or at all for that matter, I still have my wrinkly stomach and extra flab. Most people are like, "you just had a baby 6 mos ago," but when you're as skinny as I am naturally, this extra flab doesn't know where to hide or what to hide under. :-) Sooooo, I really do start doing better with working out. I think I will just have to run...which is what I was dreading. The hubs and I will either go to 24 Hr Fitness or our local YMCA and exercise. We both used to be somewhat jocks in shape but have gradually lost motivation post-college. Not sure when this plan will began.....I'm just going to randomly say Augus 1st. Anywho, in the meantime I found the cutest one-piece swimsuit. I'll just have to suck in whenever I take my swim dress off.

 I got it from Old Navy. It was originally priced at $35, but I got it for $14! I'd say that was an awesome find. There was only one that happened to be in my size. It has underwire and ruffles on top! Totally cute. I was wanting to find a cheap vintage style and had been checking online, but I could never find one cheap enough. I'm so glad I found this because its cute and vintage-like enough.


  1. You ladies look like you truly had a blast "taking it to the flo". LOL! Love it!

  2. Yep! You should see me when I play that song at my house. I get too crazy! I am battling the bulgey middle section too. At this point, it's due to my diet and lack of exercise, I'm sure. And you're right, when you're skinny, with stomach flab, it automatically makes you look bigger than you really are. Good luck with getting started with working out!

  3. love the pictures of you and your girls dancing! i agree, no one in their right mind won't get to the dance floor as quick as lighting when that songs comes on!

    thanks for this post because i was just going to indulge in smores and decided i didn't need to ... i gotta fight the bulge hardcore! :)

  4. I love a woman who can pull off a romper, my polo cap off to you, lol glad you got to have a good time

  5. @Nini: We sure did too!

    @TiAnna & Faith: That sound is amazing! I will be 60 and still jammin' to it.
    Stupid weight and bulge control....humph!

  6. cute swimsuit! I got the black halter one piece from Old Navy and I love it!


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