Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend Roundup & Casey Anthony Verdict

I've been a bit busy with family and holiday stuff......especially trying all of those great ideas I got from everyone on how to entertain my toddler! I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDDD the ideas! I am so lucky to have you all as my new mommy support system. :-D

Anywho, I was thinking about the recipe that I posted regarding my Jello Pudding Pie and I probably should have clarified the directions a little more. When mixing the jello, do not let it harden. I usually do mine using the "Speed-Set Method" on the back.

Thickened jello on bottom and cool whip on top.

After refrigeration and ready to serve.....but I like more topping!

Playing with my festive side. :-)

The end result! It was yummy!
Well, I actually had a little bit left over and I ended up making mini jello pie cupcakes for my oldest Bambino. No topping, just jello. Its such a light and airy dessert. It goes well with the busy mom and with toddlers! :-)

I'm totally doing this at all of his functions and parties from now on. I'm one of those parents that doesn't let him eat anything too sugary (besides plain chocolate or vanilla ice cream), nor french fries. My husband lets him eats our Lightly Salted Lay's potato chips and I *side-eye* that. My thing is this, he's 18 months and we're almost 30...I think he'll learn what cakes, pies, french fries and greasy fast food is between now and then, so why rush any of that stuff? Hey...he'll probably be wanting it by the age of 3! Yikes....

Fun at the neighborhood pool...


My Swim Hair
I had my hair in a side ponytail. I put lots of conditioner on it before heading to the pool, just in case I decided to actually swim. The conditioner was meant to help ease the detangling process that I would have had to do. Turns out I just head my little tot in the pool and when the hubs and I switched duty, my oldest one wanted to be "chased" around instead of continue swimming. Now I have to figure out how I will be wearing my hair during our family vacation to Myrtle Beach next weekend.

God, bless little Caylee. 

All I can do is say "Wow!" to our justice system. If Casey Anthony didn't do this, then who did?!? Has anything been learned since the OJ Simpson trial? What happened to intuition? The mistreatment of that poor little girl and her mother not being brought to justice literally brought tears to my eyes yesterday. Well, now Caylee is a beautiful angel...kinda like in the book The Shack. And if her mother did play a role in this, only she has to live with those memories and guilt and shame.


  1. I'll have to find your jello pie recipe! I'm all for simple and yummy! I also put conditioner in my hair before swimming. They say it creates a barrier on your hair to protect it from the chlorine. Have fun on vaca! And yes, God bless Caylee! She is with our Heavenly Father, and that is the one part of this whole thing that gives me peace.

  2. Yum! That looks pretty awesome! I will have to try this recipe some time!

  3. That pudding does look awesome!!! In respect to the Casey Anthony trial I understand everyone's feelings and no one likes to hear me say this but all the defense had to prove was reasonable doubt. They didn't have to prove her innocence, all they had to do was formulate some sort of doubt in the jurors minds and with all the lies she told about being molested and sexually abused it was enough to raise doubt. They spun so many lies in that court room.....a whole tyranny of lies and being that they had no access to the media like the rest of us to hear everything dissected I could see how some of them were confused and had doubts. Only one juror has expressed she had doubt with regards to the car evidence. None of the others have expressed where there doubts came from. I guess we will never know. Poor Caylee but she is in the hands now of he who will not hurt her. Her mother will have to live out her days with this on her conscience.

  4. that looks delish!!! i want some now.

    as for Casey Anthony, my hubby kept on saying that she was going to get off because of the lack of evidence. i was shocked when they read the verdict but the more i think about it i realize that the jurors having doubt because of the lack of evidence, they truly couldn't sentence her to death. i think if the sentencing was going to be less than the death penalty she would have been found guilty. i think it is a lot easier to think that someone spends their life in jail even if they didn't do it, vs the death penalty if they didn't do it.

  5. That pie looks refreshing, your lil' man is too freggin cute for words, and I am totally with you about the Caylee Anthony trial. All I could do was shake my head.

  6. @Nini: You are so right! I find nothing wrong with what you said. I was definitely hopeful that the evidence was obvious, but from what I saw, Casey's mom initially testified for the prosecution and then later for the defense. That provided enough doubt in itself.

    @Faith: I agree with you. Its definitely better to have a small sentence if guilty, than be not guilty and get the death penalty. I still hope her truth haunts her.

    @High Heels: Thanks!


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