Thursday, July 14, 2011

Career Changes.....

Although 30 is around the corner, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, ha ha. I love my boys to death, but staying at home is just not in the cards for me. I'm almost counting down the days until my 5.5 month old turns 18 months old. Okay, not really.......well maybe just a smidge. I'm just saying, going from a technical career like engineering to staying at home and having one-sided conversations has been one hell of a transition.

So I've decided that during nap times and sometimes before bed, I'll just start researching careers that fit my new 'mommy' lifestyle, meaning hours that aren't strictly 8-6pm. I'd like to still spend some quality time with my boys and not just have dinner and then put them to bed everyday. As of right now, I'm still assessing all of my options, but I'm interested in sales of some sort or event planning for organizations. My sorority sister is an event planner with a non-profit organization and plans small to large events for select corporations. I plan to do more research into it, especially the necessary certifications, hours and the pay. Too bad I wasted all that time and money getting an engineering degree!

"The book's unique National Career Aptitude System enables you to identify not only your interests but also your innate talents and potential skills, and then to match your career strengths to dozens of the more than 1,100 jobs described in detail."

The hubs found this book for me and it has 5 timed assesment tests: Business, Logic, Mechanical, Numerical, Clerical and . I haven't taken all of the tests, but the book tells you to take your highest scores in 3 of the areas and dependent upon which areas are the highest is what will determine the careers best suited for you. We'll see if I like the assessment of my interests.


  1. I love assessments. I think I will check this book out. There are ways you can still use your engineering degree but NOT do engineering. The hubsters has a chemical engineering & econ degree and will be going into brand management (which was always his plan). The only thing is that you would probably still be working the traditional 9-5+. I think also with work schedules, it depends on the company and boss you work for. Some are more flexible than others. I'd love to hear the results of your assessments.

  2. Thirty is right around the corner for me too (roughly 4mths away) and I have so many moments where I'm like ...self, why did you want to be a lawyer again, but which much soul searching you will be able to figure it all out! Good luck!

  3. Statistically they say the average person changes their career at least three times. I am working on career number 2, right now. After 10yrs of being in the financial field I am realizing I want to be a nurse, and luckily its a job that I have heard from others in the field will allow me the flexibility to be at home as we grow our family. That book sounds like a good find. I hope you write a review after.


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