Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Ornament Collecting Tradition

Even though Christmas is over its still holiday season so a post about ornaments is still fitting.
Collecting ornaments is another little Christmas tradition of ours. Hallmark ornaments have consistently had the coolest character ornaments around.
Before we had kids, we just collected 2, one for each of us. This year we collected 3, two for the kids and just one for us---a family photo ornament. Ornaments can get expensive so it'll be interesting to see how we handle this in the future.
One way will include me making some of our family ornaments but that will be once I have full cooperation from my brood. I'm sure you can see how ornaments are seemingly fun 'balls' and 'toys' that have to be touched, tugged and just plain taken off of the tree.
Each ornament holds a 'special' meaning for us, whether it is a place that we visited or favorite hobbies (golf or shopping like Minnie Mouse).
After our first son arrived, on Chrismas nonetheless, we were given a couple ornaments as gifts.
The cookie ornament was given from our realtor that helped us find our first house. She wrote a handwritten note on that back so those 1st home memories will always be remembered on Christmas. Of course the cookie ornament is my youngest's favorite.
(And yes as of last night, he was still holding chewed-up food hostage in his mouth for 30+ minutes.)

I love this tradition and eventually our tree will be filled up with special ornaments and not just colorful bulbs. It makes putting up the tree just a bit more fun.
If you don't already collect ornaments, check out some of Hallmark's, you may find something you like.


  1. we started it when we got married. now we only have 3 that we have collected since we have been getting 1 for each year we've been married. it is so nice to see those on the tree vs the bulbs.

    great tradition! i'll have to check out Hallmark next year!

  2. My mom did that with us when we were little. I actually still have some of the ornaments. I think it's a wonderful tradition and I'm sure they'll be like me--remembering this almost 20 years later. (:

  3. Awww these are too cute...we may have to add that to our tradition....

  4. This such a nice tradition. Last year for our first Christmas tree we bought a set of handprinted ornaments which I hope will keep for a long time. Also every year I buy one or two new ornaments to bring freshness to the decoration.

  5. I love collecting ornaments. Every year when putting them up I like to remind my hubby & kids where we got them from.


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