Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Hair

Since moving out of my home state, I've decided that each year I'm going to have 'holiday hair.'
Holiday hair is easy to maintain or requires NO maintenance while traveling for extended weekends or week-long visits.

During the holidays, we do a lot of traveling visiting family and friends and this leaves little time for ensuring and perfecting decent-looking, self-maintained hair. Well, its generally because of the drying time needed that my hair usually doesn't get.

When my hair was longer and thicker, I would go home and do a twistout and it would either be a failed attempt or still partially damp. Its pretty impossible to fix a failed attempt when you have little ones to feed, dress and keep entertained before shuffling them off to visit family members.

Now that my hair is short [and still thick, yay!], I'm really not in the mood to worried about a failed hairstyle attempt that is much harder to fix.

Oh and exercising is a breeze with holiday hair!

Enjoying my frames, even though they're just for reading.

Holiday hair: Senegalese twists
Lipstick: Ruby Woo from the MAC store

Do you have 'holiday hair?"


  1. I don't have any holiday hair, but I need some! I'm so wishing I would have gotten senegalese twists earlier this month. I never prepare for the holidays like I should. Since we'll be doing so much shuffling around with the little ones, as you mentioned also, I'll probably have something simple like a bun or a chic little updo.

    I'm loving your hair! And Ruby Woo looks so pretty on you :)

  2. Exercising with natural hair is a fear of many of my friends. That has prevented them from braving the feat. But not me. I usually use an Afro as holiday hair or after a workout. Easy to maintain. Great post.

  3. I thought about putting my hair in mini-twists as "holiday hair", but I don't think I actually will. I'll probably just flat iron it straight. These days that's really the easiest way for me to maintain my hair (because of thickness & length). It lasts for almost 3 weeks, even with mild workouts!

    Your twists look great!

  4. I keep my hair twisted all week, sometimes for two weeks at a time. I guess, that's holiday hair?


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