Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Budgeting Fitness & Doing Supersets

When I first started staying at home with my oldest son, I didn't want to buy a gym membership or technically keep it because I didn't want to have an 'unnecessary' expense. I'm our family budgeter and I thought I could just work out at home.
I invested in Insanity dvds (purchased off of Craigslist) and a couple other exercise dvds that were only used consistently for about a month.
Well, like plenty other SAHMs (stay-at-home moms), that's sometimes impossible to do.
During naptime/downtime, chores and adult [reality] shows always win.
{'Adult' shows sounds so x-rated, but its funnier than saying grownup shows.
Especially when your kid repeats to your friend or family member that they got to watch an adult movie.
Iron Man is not what comes to their mind. But its always funny.}
I finally realized how important going to the gym really is and since this past late August/early September, I've made an effort to go weekly. At worst, I go bi-weekly, but that's only when I'm sick or traveling.
I realized that it IS a necessary expense. Health and fitness should be budgeted INTO the family budget because it is important physically, mentally and even spiritually.
I'm much happier because I'm in better shape than I was 3 months ago.
When you feel good, you look good. Not for vanity's sake, but for the sake of positive self-esteem.....which out precious children have a natural tendency to lower, stretch and leave all wrinkly.
Weight training is just as important as cardio.
Of course cardio burns the fat, but weight training tones and sculpts.
My cardio: intervals on treadmill and stairmaster
My weights: leg press machine and 15lb dumbbells


Calf raises
Supersets on the leg press machine are doing squats and calf raises. You work the whole leg at one time on one machine.
I do 3 sets of supersets on the leg press machine after doing cardio and then some sort of bicep curls.
I actually experiment with other forms of the same muscle-working machines just for the fun of working out.
 Of course budgeting fitness means cutting out a certain amount of shopping and dining out......darn those white chocolate mochas that tempt and taunt me on the days that I can fall asleep while singing and coloring.
Do you have a fitness routine?


  1. Hahaha I'm picturing your sons saying that they watch an adult movie!! Hilarious!!

    I completely agree that it should be part of the budget. It's important to implement fitness in our daily lives.

    Both Sean and I have budgeted it in. I just feel better when I exercise. I might enjoy one too many cupcakes but I can workout with the best of them :)

    P.S. I love calf raises!

  2. I'll be working on toning up come February after my detox. I've realized that I never work my arms out and they're getting a little jiggly. So it's time to tone them up! Excited for you. This post was inspiration enough for me to get to it! Thanks for sharing doll!



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