Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Ditched NaBloPoMo & Took An Unexpected Break

I am so not good with traveling and blogging.
I don't know how you all do it, expecially when you have little ones to tend to while on vacation. My little ones wanted to stay on the go Go GO.
It didn't help that I had caught a pneumonia/sinusitis bug the day before we got on the plane.
We were there for about a week and I enjoyed myself in the midst of my phlegm-hacking and nose-blowing (gross, sorry). 
When we got back I thought I would just take my over-the-counter expectorants and fever reducing meds so that I would be healthier and refreshed for the coming week but, my little illness really showed me.
Annnnnddddd, my husband had to go out of town for the WHOLE week for one of his projects.
That was last week.
At the end of last week when I realized that the boogeyman living in my nose and chest for 2 weeks wasn't going away, I went to the doctor and was prescribed 2 different forms of medicine for pneumonia and sinusitis.
Before finally going to the doctor, I figured I may have had 'walking pneumonia' because my chest and lungs physically hurt for several day with a fever to follow a few days after.
The kids at my boys' little MDO school just cough and cough without covering their mouths and wipe their snotty noses on their hands. Yuck. Last year, when RSV (the absolute worst virus for toddlers!) was shuffling around their MDO school, they were tested for walking pneumonia and strep throat before being diagnosed with RSV.
Just writing this is making me think about taking them out of that little MDO school until February, the end of nasty-airborne-virus-amongst-kids season.
And by the way, my oldest coughs into his elbow and wipes his nose with his shirt. He was even complimented by his teacher for it.....not the shirt part, lol.
My prescribed anitbiotics had the side effects of drowsiness and dizziness, so since taking them for the past 5 days, I've allowed myself as much sleep rest as possible.
What did my kids do while I rested you ask [this stay at home mommy]?
Sigh. Unfortunately they were snapped on pretty often, then ignored, but also fed all 3 meals. least they were fed.
There wasn't much....oh who am I kidding, there wasn't ANY learning, singing or anything going on. There was a lot of quiet time, tv watching and shushing with "Sorry honey Mommy's sick."
My poor kids.
They haven't seen any of their favorite shows since, haha. We're back on the go.
Oh and I also let them make a complete mess of their toys and my room.
Since my hubby was gone for the whole week, I never cleaned up.
But I did disinfect. {smile}
 Guess I should start taking all of the immune building supplements I give my boys. Duh.
But....I missed you guys and reading your blogs! I have to catch up on them like homework.
I'm going to be bombarding you with posts and bombarding your blogs with comments!
Hope you all are well and healthy!!!!!


  1. OMGoodness! My oldest has walking pneumonia, and my sister too. It really IS a bug going around. Cruz, not to be left out, has a sinus infection as well. *sigh* Hope you're feeling better!

    1. I'm better thanks! Of course as soon as I take them back to school, my oldest gets something and now has a fever and just a viral infection that has to run its course.
      What was the test they did on your oldest to determine it was walking pneumonia?
      You are a saint for dealing with 2 sicknesses at once. Ugh. Its so hard to see our little ones in pain. :(

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  3. Welcome back!!

    Ugh, sickness is the worst. Everyone at work is sick and it makes me so mad that they don't just stay home!! I feel like I'm walking through germs all day.

    Anywho, glad you're better!! It's been fun catching up!!


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