Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unusual But Special Holiday Traditions

Thanksgiving is next week!
At the end of this week, my family and I will be getting on a plane and heading to the west coast.
San Francisco, here we come!
Our current tradition, since having kids, is to head west for the Thanksgiving holiday and go to our hometown for the Christmas holiday. My mom lives in San Francisco for now and we actually have more fun in California because we're not jumping from house to house visiting family and friends. Those kinds of 'vacations' pretty much suck.

The older I get, the more I like not having the same ol' year in year out traditions.
I appreciate those traditions and know they're always a great backup, but I love being able to travel on the holidays. It would be even better if we could travel with some family members on the holidays but unlike some people who probably wouldn't if their family can't travel with them, we'll probably choose to do so anyway.
It's another chance to make memories with our kids.
A chance to do something with our kids that we weren't able to experience with our parents.

I'm sure there'll be a time when it no longer fits our budget for awhile, but right now, we're enjoying our new tradition. And I'm enjoying taking a break from cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our house.

What are your plans for the holiday?
And what are your special family holiday traditions (including travelling or that special dish that everyone waits for the holidays to eat)?


  1. I love that you do this! It really is something special that your boys get to experience.

    My Thanksgiving has pretty much stayed the same since I've gotten married except for when we had first purchased our home and wanted to host Thanksgiving.

    We do it with my family. We all travel to my parents house and we cook together, eat together and just have a great time together. Sean and I spend the night before there that way we can wake up at my parent's home and get to work. I always bring the turkey and cook it. So much fun. I'm really looking forward to my sister's stuffing, yum. But really I just can't wait for us to be together :)

    There is not much that is better than this time of year.

    1. Awe, I love that tradition! How fun! We did that when I was a kid on Christmas eve. I wish and hope to maybe do that tradition in future years.

  2. We haven't developed a tradition yet since being married. Last year we were in Italy and this year due to pregnancy we'll be staying put. In years past we have alternated between his family and mine. I'm guessing going forward it will be playing it by ear but alternating between families.

    1. Oooo Italy! Wow! I wish! Maybe one day we'll be able to do that one year but I imagine our kids will be at least preteens when we're able to afford that. Next year, you'll start having new traditions with the baby. How fun!

  3. Hey! New blog follower here!

    I'm still getting used to splitting up our holidays. For the past three or four years hubby and I spend Thanksgiving at home (Atlanta) with my family and we go to Mississippi to spend Christmas with his family. I hate not seeing my own family on Christmas Day, but it must be done :)

    1. Thanks for following! I'm following you right back!
      Splitting isn't always fun, but you always have skype and maybe you can flip coins each year to see which holiday will be with which family each year....? If you don't building traditions get to be fun after awhile.

  4. Oh cool!! I've always wanted to visit San Fran. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Anyway, we're heading up to my hometown, Indianapolis. My family haven't seen the boys in a while and I feel it's only fair to go there, since we go to the Bahamas every Xmas!

    1. You must visit sometime! You'd probably like it, though I don't know if its as warm as Seattle. That's your northern spot right?
      I'm pretty sure you officially have THE coolest holiday tradition with the Bahamas!

  5. Ooh San Fran sounds amazing...we will be spending it with my hubby's family at his aunts house. It's always a good time...I don't mind this year because we will be spending Xmas with my family:-)


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