Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Boys Are (More) Awesome (NaBloPoMo)

5) When they fall, you can tell them to 'get right back up' without rushing over to pick them up and you won't 'look bad.'
Of course this does not include the infant/early toddler stage, but around 18 months, you're free to not run and superman-slide to prevent any bruises. This may bother you at first, but we have to encourage our boys to be 'tough' (not rough & tough).
Parents of little girls, have the option of encouraging their daughters to be tough our "girly" in the cutest of ways. <----that takes more superman-slides and resulting rapid heartbeats though

4) Boys are you don't have to worry about preventing them from getting dirty.
They actually prefer to be one with dirt sometimes.
This realization and acceptance keeps your blood pressure and frustration levels down.
Plus, your trusty bag of wipes take care of the necessary quick fixes.

~My youngest loves to touch our tires as we are loading and unloading him and his brother into the car. Imagine how it is seeing his little palm covered in black just after you get him in his car seat when his palm was clean as a whistle before exiting the house.

~My oldest likes to stomp, I said STOMP, in the freshly rained on mud as well as lay in gravel rocks. Good thing it doesn't rain too often.

3) Boys aren't bossy.
Boys just like to play, share and not share, and fight over silly things. Girls like to do those things too, but come on, we all know girls are bossy.....and it starts at the toddler stage. It could be due to the fact that girls mature 'faster' than boys in most stages or that girls are better communicators at all stages. Either way, girls are bossy and their bossier than boys.
My husband had a dream a long time ago that we had a girl as our 3rd child.
I asked him, "What was she like?"
He answered, "Bossy as sh*t."
We both sort of laughed and he tried to remember just how she bossed her older brothers around in his dream.
I actually was thinking, "Good, somebody needs to keep those boys in line." Hahahahaaaaa
Bossy isn't necessarily bad, just annoying as all hell.

2) You don't have to do their hair.
Duh. This gives you more time to yourself in the evenings and more time to your bed/sheets in the mornings. Just moisturize, brush and go. Oh and haircuts don't take that long either. Luckily, my husband cuts their hair (for now).

1) Shopping is a breeze.
There's no need for 3-piece items. All you have to do is find a nice looking shirt: button-up to be church fancy, polo to be casual and graphic [tees] shirts to learn shapes, colors, objects and animals from as well as to get dirty in.
Depending on the sizes and selections available, you can be done in as little as 30 minutes. This goes for shoes as well.
I figured this out when I shopped for a baby girl baby shower and bought a jumpsuit-like dress and turtleneck but not the tights or shoes to complete the outfit. It was too much work so I bought a couple of books instead.

What's your list about your boy(s) or girl(s)? Write your own list and let me know about it or link it back to this post!

This post is inspired by and dedicated to my non-blogging besties that have girly-tough girls that make my womb itch.

*NaBloPoMo.....I want to throw up the 'west side' symbol everytime I try and mumble that.


  1. Haha great arguments for boys! My sister says the same thing!!

    1. Haha....I really wish I had a girl but am happy to have boys.

  2. LOL! I love this and agree with all of these! I have both so I can see both sides. Here's my top 5 for girls.
    1) They are easier to potty train. My two yr old girl is currently in the process and she's totally embracing it. She calls her dirty pullups "nathty"
    2) You can have fun dressing them up in cute little girl clothes, and ribbons and bows
    3) They're (usually) calmer quieter and more likely to sit still when you need them to. (usually)
    4) When they're babies and you're changing diapers, you don't have to worry about geting peed in the face.
    5) They tend to dote on their younger siblings and take on a "mini mommy" type of role. Well, sometimes. LOL!

    1. Your list is soooo awesome! Thanks for making me want a girl all over again! From what I've noticed, little girls are quicker with everything. Its just nature's maturity.
      But, I have to admit, my boys never peed in my face, when they were babies, they peed in their own face. Their darn wee wee flipped up while peeing. Yes, it happened with both at least once, lol.


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