Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Shopping...What's Your Routine?

The winter holidays are here! Okay, they're not here just yet.
But they are right around the corner.
My mind is still in the early part of the fall season. The weather here in the DFW area still feels like early fall and I'm pretty darn grateful about it.....although the warmer days are a bit more sporadic. One week, the temperatures are in the upper 70's and then the next week the temperatures are in the low 60's, like they will be next week.
With the year passing by so quickly, Christmas (and my boy's birthdays) will be here in a few blinks.
Have you done ANY Christmas shopping yet? I know I haven't and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed about all of the gifts I need to accumulate in 6 weeks.
I prefer to have all of my shopping done before the 1st of December.
My husband, on the other hand, loves being in the shopping rush in the few weeks that lead up to Christmas.
Sometimes shopping in the rush is fun and other times I get so impatient that I am taken myself. Hahahaaaaa. {my twisted little plan}

He gets more engulfed in the Christmas spirit brushing shoulders with fellow shoppers, hearing the booming speakers playing Mariah Carey's version of "Jingle Bells" and seeing the Christmas decor. He even likes the snow......something I can do without. I think his love for the Christmas season and holiday is why our first son was born on Christmas as opposed to his actual due date. When he was born, there was 13" of snow on the ground by late Christmas morning.
So yeah, I can do without winter snow for a long time.

We'll be travelling so much this month, that I guess I'll have to get creative.

Do you have a routine for Christmas shopping? When do you start and finish your Christmas shopping?



  1. I love Christmas shopping and usually wait until the last weeks before to do my shopping. This year I hope to be done by December 9th and have everything wrapped shortly thereafter. I don't want to spend anymore Christmas eves with rolls of paper, tape and ribbon.

    1. Lol...right. I'd rather spend Christmas Eve just filling stockings!

  2. I start THINKING about it in late October when Halloween comes around. But honestly, I don't really buy stuff until mid-December (I will pick things up mid-year, stick it in the closet and pull it out at random or hold it until Christmas). I have vowed that this year is going to be different, though; no more waiting to the last minute for me, uh uh.

    I ordered the boy a pair of pajamas yesterday. I AM WINNING AT CHANGE!

    1. Winning! Yeah, I shop sporadically throughout the year for 1 or 2 people but try to finish most of it by late November. I have so much more to do though because we're going home the second week in December and I want to take gifts so I'm not spending time and money at the post office mailing them. Oh, the pressure.
      Even if I'm done buying gifts early I'm never done WRAPPING them early. Maybe I'll do gift bags....?

  3. I'm definitely just like your husband because I like doing that last minute shopping. My kids don't really make lists of what they want, luckily, they're pretty much happy with what I get for them. I have to be one of the luckiest parents in the world right?

    I can't wait until it starts to "feel" like Fall. Our weather is pretty much the same as what's going on in your area. It was around the mid 50s and this weekend, I had my air on. -_-

    1. Same here with having your air on! This week we have the heat on (in the evenings and overnight).
      Awe, your kids are SOOO SWEET! You are lucky! I wonder if my boys will be stay like that. I think they all start that way but its a blessing when they stay that way.

  4. For the last 3-4 years, I've started my shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. My mom and I get out early (around 8 AM, HA) and go to Kohl's, K-Mart, maybe the mall, and a few other places. My bank used to offer rewards for using your debit card as credit, and that's how I would get a ton of gift cards for cousins, nieces, nephew, etc. This year I'm going to do things a little different. I'm going to try to buy a good deal of things from local businesses and handmade dealers. I'm thinking I would spend a ton more, but the gifts will be more thoughtful. I may even try to make some things myself. Very nice stuff of course.

    1. I don't think I could ever do the Black Friday thing. I know people that do and it seems fun but I hate chaos and crazy long lines with regular shopping!
      But that is such a good idea how you work your holiday shopping with your bank's rewards. So smart!
      I love thoughtful gifts. That's right up my alley. :)


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