Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Trip to Austin

Last weekend we accompanied my husband to Austin, TX. He and a few of his co-workers went to represent his company at an minority engineering conference career fair.
During the day the boys and I hung out with one of his co-worker's wife. We've hung out before so we had a good time, shopping, feeding the boys ice cream and getting lost.
Austin is a nice and smaller city. The people were much friendlier and inviting than in Fort Worth and the whole city seemed to have an artsy vibe to it. How cool is that?!
It reminded me of my college town but bigger.
After visiting, I wish we would've moved there instead of DFW......but I'll try not to be too much of a sour grape.
Austin is also known for their food trucks and they had a lot more trucks in one centralized location than the Fort Worth food park.....so we indulged. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my food nor all of the trucks.
One inebriated woman in her mid-30's was actually dancing with my oldest while we waited in line to try the late night popular pizza spot.
Too bad he didn't realize she was dancing with him!

There were 12-15 trucks lined up in a checkered manner. These were the two trucks I ate at. My hubs and our co-worker friends had food from several different trucks but the lines were long and there was not time for pictures. The "Coat & Thai" truck was pretty tasty which it should've been for a 20-minute wait. I'm assuming their name had to do with their expensive tasting thai cuisine fit for 'coat & tie' dining. These food trucks had a decent portion size for their prices compared to my food truck experience in Fort Worth.
The cupcakes were so suprisingly delicious! We all got cupcakes and our boys shared a few bites of mine and my husband's. They were moist, yet dense and not too sweet. Gosh they were good!
My mouth is watering for more as I type this. Fort Worth is definitely missing a dessert truck.

My boys had a good time dancing to the music coming from the sub sandwiches bus. They didn't have a line the whole time we were there. I think their prices may have been too high for their food.
The 2 pictures on the far right are of my oldest LAYING in the dirty gravel rocks. Could it have been the cupcakes or the music? I don't know. Boys just love dirt. At this point, we beat the long line to the cupcake truck so they weren't in anyone's way.

What did you do this past weekend?


  1. Austin is one of my favorite cities in Texas!

  2. i so want to experience the food truck. we don't have food trucks where we live. it is one of the things i miss from living in the city, the food trucks.

    looks like such a good time. your description of the cupcakes has me craving one.

    1. Honestly, when I first started blogging a year and a half ago I saw Nini talk about food trucks and have been hooked with trying them since. They're not always amazing but when they are, its great.
      That cupcake still has me craving another one!

  3. My husband really likes Austin. I've never been, but I always hear people gushing over it. It's somewhat on our radar as we may have a move to TX in the future. The actual city isn't in stone yet, so I'm open to hearing about other cities aside from Houston. Thx for more insight!

    Your boys make me smile! :^D

    1. Yeah, I really like it too probably because of the somewhat eclectic feel but also because the suburbs don't seem to be 30-45 mins away from the city action. I'm sure the nightlife there doesn't compare to that of Houston or Atl but I bet its not terrible either.
      Hmph...I wish we were there!
      My hubby refuses Houston bc his company's office is located downtown and traffic to downtown is supposedly a standard hour from suburbia.
      Thanks you and your boys always make me smile!

  4. Don't laugh, but I've never been to Texas. ..and I live in Louisiana. ): But, my brother just moved to Dallas so I should be able to visit soon.

    And aren't food trucks the best?

    1. Yay for your possible visit! And yes I love food trucks. They're just fun for no reason. And I'm still craving another food truck cupcake.


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