Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Too Can Get Addicted to Salad!

This is just a quick post. Last week was such a busy week for me, trying to plan my husband's birthday outing and overnight babysitter while doing our regular routines of being on-the-go.
So I just have a quick post while I finish up last week's laundry today. {oops} I know you all understand. By the way, laundry is my LEAST enjoyable chore.

It is sooooooo good!

Earlier in the summer, I somewhat got addicted to the "Steak & Bleu Cheese" salad from Panera Bread Co. Addictions are bad but when the addiction is salad, I'd say that's an 'good addiction.'

Anyway, the salad is so delicious but it is $8.69. That is just too much to spend on a regular/weekly basis when you can make it at home. So, that's just what I did......and the hubby and I can't get enough of it whenever I make it. Literally we could eat it days straight and not get tired of it, but then what would our boys eat?

Sirloin - thinly sliced by your grocer's butcher
Romaine lettuce
Pecans - broken/crushed by hand
Bleu cheese crumbles
Feta cheese crumbles
Crispy onions or French fried onions
KEN"S Vidalia Sweet Onion salad dressing - just a drizzle

The Panera salad uses a sweet yet creamy vinaigrette and doesn't have pecans. My Vidalia Sweet Onion dressing is the perfect substitute.
The thinly-sliced or deli-sliced sirloin cooks really quickly, so I would say this salad took me 20 minutes to prepare.

What really makes the salad taste delicious are all the different crunches. The crunch of the romaine is light, the crunch from the pecans are slightly chewy and the crunch from the crispy onions are flavorful. The cheese crumbles add an additional kick of flavor but both aren't needed, just one. And the thinly-sliced steak is the perfect choice of meat.
I think we have both actually 'licked' the plate once finished!
Mmmmm! I want to make this right now. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. I've never had a salad at Panera...might need to try!

  2. I love steak on salad. Thanks for the yummy recipe.

  3. You all have GOT to try it! Its delicious with steak or without any meat at all. Sooooo good. Still addicted!

  4. This sounds sooo good! I've got to try!!!


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