Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pants. Too Little, Too Late

Time really flies.
Kids grow so fast.
Matter of fact, the growth of babies, toddlers and kids physically prove just how fast time really passes.

(Pants) Too little, too late.
Just 4 to 5 months ago, these pants were too long and too big around the waist. I thought, foolishly I suppose, that now they would fit perfectly.
To my surprise they were a tad tighter and a little higher than I prefer and expected.
Basically, his little brother has a brand new pair of 'old' jeans.
I don't even think these are classified as hand-me-downs, since they were barely worn.

The pants aren't too bad from afar. Cute forced smiles & a lucky snap.
My oldest's pants are too small and short and my youngest's pants are too long.
By now, you probably know that my husband and I had our boys, unintentionally, 1 year (12.5 months) apart.
I made it a point to say unintentionally, because it wasn't something we initially rejoiced about.
It just wasn't in our plan.
And that's when you learn to really believe in the idea that God creates our paths.....
.....though that took me a while as well. That's for another post at another time.

Anyway, after we embraced our new and unexpected plan (basically when he was born because that's when it got real), I thought well at least they were born in the same season. Winter.
But since life likes to make things a little more 'fun,' they don't have the same body type. My oldest has long legs and a shorter torso and my youngest has shorter legs with a longer torso. 
Of course by the time they are ages 4 and 5, their bodies will probably be a little more even but until then my youngest may be in baggy bottoms (shorts and pants). 
The good thing about kids growing so fast is that most of their clothes are in good-to-great condition.
Don't worry, we still buy new clothes for him.....thanks to his different body type. {wink}

Now, I'm not going to lie, I was hoping the weather would stay summer-like a bit longer. That was the whole point of moving to Texas...oh and my husband's job.
If the weather was still hot, I could have kept my boys in shorts and t-shirts for another month.
But the weather changed so quickly that I was unprepared.
Unprepared. That's almost considered foul language.
But sometimes, that's me. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm not a perpertual shopper.
I immediately bought 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of cargo pants and 1 pair of jogging pants for my oldest and a nicely fitted pair of jeans for my youngest.
I had already bought shirts that I caught on sale a month ago.

Do you find it hard to buy clothes in the right-estimated size for the upcoming season? Have you ever been unprepared for the new season, especially with up-and-down temperatures?


  1. Your boys are so cute! I'm going through something similar with my two. The oldest is growing like a weed, which should be okay because we pass everything down to number 2...BUT at 2 years apart and being born in different seasons, the passed down clothes aren't matching up as well as I'd hoped. *sigh* So I still buying clothes for two. At least I'm getting some wear out of the passed down shoes, though I don't know for how long. The oldest has become REALLY hard on shoes now that he's like a real boy and running around etc., now. Anyway, I feel your pain.

  2. I'm not going to lie my boys are 25 months apart and I do not buy any new clothes for my youngest. He get's all hand me downs. Even if they don't fit 100% great. My oldest though he gets all new clothes. Both my my boys are summer babies. My next baby will be born in January, a whole other season but I'm hoping the baby will be able to wear the same clothes too.

  3. since having my daughter i haven't being over the board with buying new clothes. as you wrote one is never sure with up-and-down temperatures. i buy few things that i can adapt until i can buy the right garment for the season. sweaters and tshirts are great purchases for me

  4. Awww the boys are too cute! I'm new to the mommy game but yes they grow up fast! Already thinking of clothes I want to save for my son when he is bigger:-)

  5. I gave up trying to buy my daughter's clothes ahead of time. The way it's been going is, she grows out of everything every three months. So at the beginning of every season I take inventory of what she can still wear, pack up the rest, and head to the consignment store. She gets new outfits when she needs them. I got tired of taking new with tags clothes to the shop because she grew out of them.

    And yes, fall caught me off guard this time around. Thought I had a few more weeks of warmer weather.

  6. I always try to buy a size up, my oldests birthday is in March so we usually request one size up at birthday parties and it is perfect. Winter time however, I analyze and then buy. They are too cute!

  7. Lol, they really do! It's like one minute you're buying them pants and before you take the tags off you're out buying some more pants that will actually fit. Cute kiddies =] & great post.


  8. My daughter is a teen now so I can FINALLY enjoy being able to save clothes from the previous yr. But just a few cause you know teens need the coolest new trend. Kids... they get a new wardrobe every season! I have a job & Im not that lucky lolol

  9. BUT... when she was younger, at the end of each season when clothes would go on MEGA clearance I would try to buy sizes that I thought she might fit the next year.


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