Monday, October 1, 2012

Potty Training Woes - Yes I Have Boys, How'd You Know?

My 20-month old, second born son will NOT by any means use the potty. He thinks the potty is just a fun thing to say and then sit on. He refuses to actually do any bathroom rituals ON the potty though.

He copies EVERYthing his older brother (by 12.5 months) does. I always reiterate their age difference to emphasize just how trying the two of them can be. They are either arguing over toys or teaming up throwing all of the pillow cushions off of the couch. Both which are annoying and funny.

When I say he copies everything, that inludes what my oldest says, how he says it and all of his mannerisms. So can anybody tell me why he won't copy him when using the potty?!? I guess that would be "too much like right." (That saying always makes me chuckle.)

He's a very head-strong child. I used to somewhat wonder what that meant.
Luckily he's not walking around angrily screaming, "No." Instead he smiles his big, cheeky grin and politely sings "nooooww" while simultaneously shaking his head.
On the inside, I chuckle and on the outside I shake my head in frustration, and finish it up with a long sigh.
Annnnnndddd he still craps [pebbles] in the tub, always making us run new bath water. Not cool.

See--that's the smile. And I love my 2.5yo leaning in with that new face pose, lol. 

Speaking of pottying----> my 2.5 year old has successfully #2'ed on the potty for a week straight (yay!!!)......and then regressed (ohhh). But hey, progress is progress, no matter how small.

Finally after 3-6 months of pee training, I had a thought of "Hmmm....he should be doing this standing up." Duh, you say. I know. Seems like such an obvious thing but I was so focused on training him to sit down so that he's ready for #1 and #2.
Of course he learned to pee while standing with my hubs but I'm always off-duty at those times so I never paid attention, ha ha. Now we are much more consistent, but he's definitely more reluctant to #2.

I'm just chasing my tail over here.

Any tips for potty-training boys or just head-strong tots that you can share? I'd love to hear them! Hope you all had a good weekend, it rained cats and dogs here all weekend.

*I'm mingling with mommy Julie over at The Naptime Review.


  1. I have none, my kid would not go...AT ALL he just started going when he was ready. I often gave him treats when he went, things that he NEVER got like a piece of candy or a half of a cupcake. After a while, he just started going, but trust me it was on HIS time!

  2. I am with you on the potty training front....ugh!

    well mam I am your newest follower and would love a visit from you too!!!



  3. I finally got my 25 month old potty trained. But we've been working on it for a long while. My oldest was potty trained at 2.5 years old. My 2nd son saw his brother using the potty and just wanted to do like him, it was pretty easier for me the 2nd time around. But the first time around was hard. I would say wait till your son turns 2 then do the hard core training. What I did with my first was have him in underwear for 1 week straight. Yes there were many accidents. I put him on the potty every hour until he started going himself.

  4. @Schnelle - I give fruit snacks and the ONLY time he gets them is when he goes to the potty. Most times it works but sometimes it doesn't.

    @Heather - Sure thing!

    @Keya - I'll have to wait til my littlest is 2 but I think I'll experiment with introducing it in a couple weeks just for the heck of it. My 2.5yo does both, but he wines 50% of the time, like when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap. I don't know how to get him to not be so unhappy about it during those times. I guess that will come with time.....time that is annoyingly taking too long. :)

  5. I have no experience but this post made me giggle :)

    Good luck!!

    P.S. your boys are so cute!!

  6. My now 3.5 year old potty trained pretty easily, but that's because I stopped listening to a lot of ppl pushing me to start so early. Another mom (who's kids are teens) told me that her boys pretty much potty trained themselves at about age 3. They just got *it* then. So I decided I wouldn't pressure him or myself with it, after trying for a bit at 2 yrs and it being a bit of a struggle. Low and behold, at around 3 yrs (maybe a couple months sooner), he just got it and has had no real accidents. I plan to do the same with the youngest, tho I'm hoping he'll get it sooner from watching his big bro. I say if your youngest is struggling with it, give it a rest try again after 3-6 months.

  7. No real concrete help...but I'm sure it will all come together soon!


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