Monday, October 22, 2012

30th Birthday Adventure

Last weekend was my husband's 30th birthday. A few years ago, he wasn't overly excited about being so close to the age of 30. Matter of fact, he's the primary reason we had our first (and second) child before 30 though I really didn't care either way ----> my mom had me at 33 {shrug}. Anyway, he's just never been excited to be drifting so far away from the younger ages in which he didn't have to try hard to be healthy and fit.

Well, as opposed to a surprise party, I opted to do something different for him. Especially since he has an 8-hour professional licensing exam at the end of the month and he studies for several hours each week.
We did dinner and live music and Ziplining!
Ziplining was fun, thrilling and sort of exhilirating. Tackling any fear is a great accomplishment......and heights is certainly a common fear!
We hung from a pulley, about 50-60 feet in the air, and glided down 4 different lines. The first line was the easiest line because of the small drop in height and the so few trees. We glided at 10mph.
Even my hubby didn't just jump off of the platform.
He counted to '3.'

I was given a friendly push. {smile}
The last 3 lines had larger drops in height causing us to glide at 20-25mph.
I yelped for the first 3 lines and was a pro by line 4.

My "gift" of ziplining was to help re-route my hubby's perspective on getting older while starting a new tradition.
  • View each birthday as a new time to do something you never thought to do or even considered doing.
  • Make new personal (tackling fears), spiritual and career goals.
  • I actually just suggest to make one goal in each of those categories and take the whole year to master it.
  • Add a new goal in each category around your birthday.
I feel this will help to focus and physically see the internal growth achieved with each new year. One of my favorite sayings is, "If you're not growing, you're dying." Having goals to focus on and achieve will help us to see and enjoy the positive things around us, giving the negative things less power.

This is with Mom's Monday Mingle.


  1. What a fun birthday present!!! I've always wanted to zipline and there are plenty of places here in Georgia. This post may have given me that nudge. haha

  2. Ziplining sounds like fun. There is a place here that offers it but I haven't bothered to look into it. I'm glad you started something new birthday-wise. The passin gof a year really should be treasured (as if I was able to do that fully this year. Sssh).

  3. this is such a great idea! Awesome birthday present too! not sure if i could do it being a scaredy cat and all, lol.

    to funny that i was so looking forward to turning 30, lol and so many aren't/weren't.

  4. What a lovely blog! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would stop on by my blog and return the favor!


  5. Awww this totally made me smile...what a great and thoughtful gift...glad he enjoyed it. Loved it!!


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