Sunday, September 30, 2012

Naptime Struggles

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This is the current story of my life. I don't know who my 2.5 year old thinks he is not wanting to take naps and instead postponing the start of his 2-hr nap from 2:00pm - 4:00pm. I don't know what this kid thinks he's missing but he refuses to close his eyes and fall into his daily 2-hr slumber.

He'd rather sing, jump on his bed and play with his cars. I need a toddler tantrilizer only for nap time.

The only time he goes to sleep at 2pm is if I have worn him out by being at the park (in hot and humid weather) for at least an hour. But then, I'M worn out!
I gotta find a way to win because right now I am losing.

I know I'm not by myself here......right? Right?!? Oh, okay.


  1. Nope. My 3.5 yr old stopped wanting to take a midday nap since a year ago. I'll make him go lay down and then bang out in zero to 60. It makes it hard to do that these days with the 1 year old around, who I haven't been able to train to lay is little arse down and go to sleep. Soooo, I've reverted back to the old school method of driving them around the block a few times. Bam! Both are out like a light. lol I just transfer them from the car to their respective beds, and then I finally have my time to get stuff done(play around on the internet). :)

  2. LOLOL! Oh honey, you are definitely not alone :) Now, my 2 year old still naps but I know the day is coming when she starts fighting it. It happened with the other two, so I don't see why she'd be any different. I don't know how your day usually flows, but maybe you could start waking him up earlier? Is there a morning gymboree class or something that he could take? Just suggestions. It almost seems as if anything you do to make him more tired during the day will also make you tired as well :)

  3. @Nik - This is utterly ridiculous but I'm glad to know I'm in good company with this happening around the same age. I like the idea of just driving around when they're at the brink of sleep. Think I'll start trying that so that they nap at the SAME DAMN time.

    @GG - I don't think gymboree would work for my 2.5 year old. He'd rather throw the football, then dive (on the floor) after it, or run full speed at the park for 30 minutes straight, no lie. The humid-heat and no shaded park is what tires me...I'll keep doing the parks but bring my coffee! Also, I may try out waking him up earlier because that should guarantee something.

  4. My daughter doesn't nap anymore and she's so cranky in the afternoons because of it. :( And when she does, she goes to bed at midnight. So frustrating!

  5. We seem to be going through the same thing with our daughter who is the same age. However her and her younger brother share a room, and she keeps him up as well! Drives us a bit bonkers!

  6. My oldest doesn't take a nap at all anymore. He's 4 years old. My 2 year old sometimes takes a nap. But guess what I take my nap. I lock them in their rooms and have quiet time whether they sleep or not. They don't share a room. My oldest I don't have to lock his door anymore he knows to stay in his room and not make any noise cause mommy will be mad. My youngest just figured out how to open his door so I had to change the handle around so the lock is on the outside so I can lock him in. He usually takes his nap. We nap from 2-4pm. If they don't sleep they play with their toys while I nap.

  7. @Camille - It is exTREMEly frustrating. Ugh! When my boys don't nap, I put them to bed early just because, ha ha.

    @Desirae - We're definitely going through the same thing because my boys share a room too. A couple times I made my son sleep in our bed during naptime, but only one time he went to sleep and the other time he didn't. :( They both keep each other up during naptime about 3x a week....or take naps at different times and never give me my quiet time.

    @Keya - I'm definitely using this from now on. I like it, I love it. Thanks!!! I prefer that they nap since I'm still in the age groups of 2 & 1, but I'm definitely going to make sure I get my quiet time.

  8. I'm going through this now. My 1 yr old refuses to nap anymore. I'm exhausted and can't get much done around the house.


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