Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Would You Ever Get Plastic Surgery?

Would you ever get plastic surgery done?

Obviously some of us may have friends who have thought about this or gotten some sort of surgery done. Maybe you've even thought about doing it yourself. I know its crossed my mind several times.

Right now, I can't say that I would necessarily get anything done because I am just not a fan of that sort of pain. Just from watching women undergo and recover from different cosmetic surgeries on t.v., that pain seems worse than the pain from childbirth. Now that I think about it, the pain from cosmetic surgery is probably worse because its not a natural process for your body to go through.

But....the pain, well the excruciating pain probably only lasts the first day of recovery. So....maybe it is a doable thing. I'll tell you what, nursing babies can sure make you consider some things.
----> 'You' being 'me.' {wink}

Well, let me hush and go get to lifting some weights.

I wonder how much more time it will take for my to look like @Mankofit (from Instagram). I don't even have Instagram, but I follow the awesome, Hey Fran Hey {Health Genius} and she retweeted a picture of her and was instantly inspired by her physical shape. I'd probably be more inspired if she got into that kind of shape AFTER having kids.


  1. Yes! I would PS tomorrow if someone paid for it. I never thought I would, but after 3babies...sheesh! I'm on a three-year plan to get my breast done. Haha.... Can't wait to have full, non-dropping breasts again!

  2. Girl, I thought the same thing until I was with my friend this weekend. She had just gotten hers done and said the first couple days' pain were the worse days in her life, lol. She had them put under her muscle (so that they looked more natural)....OUCH! We were actually on the same plan but she expedited hers, but I still have one more kid I want to try for. They looked awesome though!

  3. Boobs. I'd get the most beautiful breasts ever before seen on a woman. And then I'd probably wear sheer shirts. Alas, that'll never be. I'ma live with the -34AAAAs forever and ever amen because I vowed after the emergency c-section that I would never go under the knife again, certainly not willingly.

  4. Yes! I would get PS tomorrow if someone paid for it. I never thought I would want a boob job, but after three kids, well... Sign me up! I'm on a three year plan and I can't wait!

  5. I thought about it at one point, just liposuction. But I don't ever want to be put under, so that's not happening.


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