Wednesday, August 29, 2012

See....What Had Happened Was--

So, I could feel like a failure but instead I feel like I made a smart decision in an extremely timely manner. Normally, I would've cared what my family thought or maybe even cared about my boss's feelings but this time I didn't. All I cared about were mine.

As fast as my new job came, that's also as fast as it went. I didn't even last a whole month. I mean I wanted to but my boss didn't want to let me finish out the end of my last week. My very first week, I had lunch at 2pm or 3pm every single day. I was like, "Huh?!?" As the days of the first week went on, my attitude got worse. Mind you, there are only two (count 'em 2) people that work at this engineering firm. When I was offered the job, they told me they were flexible because of my situation. But I noticed that wasn't happening when I was eating lunch at 2pm-3pm and then leaving for the day at 5:30pm. Yeah, I must've misunderstood what flexibility meant to them.

Soooo....yeah, I had to get out of there, ASAP! I saw no point in staying there when I realized my future would be like my first 2 weeks there and I was not the least bit concerned about what anyone would think about my decision. Ironically, my usually biggest critic (my dad) was supportive of my decision.

I told my boss that full-time employment was just not conducive with my family schedule and that I was only interested in part-time. Well, he thought about it for a couple days but decided not to do part-time because he is filling critical full-time roles. So, we parted ways and I am getting my house back in order, because while I was working, we weren't eating freshly cooked meals but twice a week and the chores were only done once a week. And it didn't help that my 27lb., 18-mo. old wanted to be held all evening even when I was cooking.

Word to the wise: Never take the first thing that comes along.


  1. Good for you! Not many people would have done that but you looked out not only for yourself but for your family.

  2. Hey, everything is a learning experience. Welcome back. :)

  3. Kudos to you for trusting your gut and not letting the pressure from other people deter you!!!

  4. @Faith- Yeah, there was NO sense in wasting time when I know its not a place I could be in. They were kinda crazy.

    @Nik- Thanks. (sings) God was trying to tell me something. Think I'm going to follow my new calling. Just gotta start doing it for free first. :-(

    @JMarie- Thanks girl! That has been one of my biggest triumphs and I am too proud of myself!

  5. Glad you made the right decision for your family.


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