Monday, September 17, 2012

Natural Solutions for Medicine (for Toddlers and Adults)

My current immune building solutions:
I add 1/2 a packet into my each boy's cup of gatorade every day.

Colloidal Silver-1 tbsp added to our oatmeal at the first onset of cold symptoms.
I bought this at Vitamin Shoppe for $30+. I went here to find out more about it before I decided to purchase it. Either its been a big help or we've been lucky enough with the additional vitamin C.
Go to your local farmers market or Vitamin Shoppe and see what is recommended for immune building health. And don't forget to share the info. when you do!


I've never been the kind to research alternative solutions but becoming a stay at home mom has given me time to research a variety of concerns regarding my toddlers' health and development. Recently, I was provided a family chiropractor name in my area. My youngest has had far too many ear infections within the past year. Typically there is a suggested amount (by most pediatricians) and once that amount is reached or surpassed, ear tube surgery is highly recommended. This also means that he had been on and off anitbiotics, like amoxycillin, for the past year. I am not a big anitibiotic(s) fan.

The chiropractor and ENT doctor (Ear Nose Throat) gave me the same [flat ear canal] "shpeel" but the chiropractor gave an explanation of why and how to remedy it without surgery having similar successful cases. The ENT only gave ear tube surgery as a successful solution.

The chiropractor explained that there are several joints under his ears that are pulled tightly for whatever reason (possibly because of the twists and turns of birth), causing the ear canal to be flat. Most kids that have repeated ear infections have flat ear canals, along with always having fluid in their ear(s) sitting there waiting to get infected at the first sign of a cold.
No fun.

She then used a light and non-invasive instrument to loosen the joints under his ears. This has had to be done every other day so we spent a lot of time going to the chiropractor for this 5 min treatment last week. The earlier (age-wise) that this is done, the faster the joints will be corrected back into the correct alignment for proper fluid drainage in his ears.

She also recommended visiting her for any future ear infections, instead of going to the pediatrician and getting the subscribed antibiotics.

So far, her track record is that no child has ever needed ear tube surgery once she has worked on the joints under their ears.

If you have a similar problem, check out your local family chiropractor and find out some alternative solutions that satisfy any of your health concerns.


  1. this is great information, my kids generally don't get ear infections (knock on wood) but its good knowledge to have!

  2. I'm so glad it was helpful! If I would've known this info, I would've saved lots of trips to the doctor and money on anitbiotics. I hate putting that in their system [so often].


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