Friday, August 10, 2012

Guess Who Is Gainfully Employed?!?

Guess who is gainfully employed? This mommy right here. {points to self}
Last week, after waiting 3 weeks for a second interview and another 2 weeks after that, I was called and offered a position at the company I applied for. Its an entry level position, but I will be making a teeny bit more than what I was making when I had been working for 3 years. God is so good!

I'm glad they realized that hiring a person in an entry level position, that isn't so entry level (having 3 years of prior work experience), they'll be saving some time and money training unlike with a new grad.

Anyway, I am excited, nervous, scared and shocked that my life will be making such an abrupt change like quickly. Its actually not happening 'quickly' but it just feels like it is because I was really hoping that I would be transitioning back to the work force with part-time work before going back full-time, but my life has never gone the way I had it planned out in my head.
Go figure, right?

I'm scared because I haven't looked at engineering things or thought like an engineer for SOME time now......3.5 years to be exact. I'm just scared of the change that is going to take place. I haven't celebrated either because I don't want to think about being away from my boys. Oh, and they'll be in a really cool childcare school. I took care of that binness the past week.

Now, I am not afraid to say that this will be a trial period for me and my boys. If things don't work out with this childcare school, then they'll go somewhere else, if things don't work out at this company, then I'll go somewhere else. One thing I learned from watching my girl in pharma. sales is to always be looking for a job even when you have a job. Before staying at home with my boys, I never thought to 'look' for a job until I was desperate to (unhappy, unfulfilled, etc.).

I'll stay on the lookout for my ideal part-time job as well as hope that I will be able to work some part-time flexibility at this place. But now I may actually be able to blog more regularly on my lunch hour. :-)


  1. this is so exciting! Congrats! God IS so good! you are going to do great and so will the boys :)

  2. Congrats!! I'm sure this is exciting! As you know, I've debated going back to work so many times. I've decided to go back to school instead(leaving the legal world behind and going to attempt a total career change). I think it's hard for some to be stay-at-home sort of "languishing". I've realized I need to feel like I'm working towards something or accomplishing SOMETHING. So whether I do actually go back to work is still in the air, but the school thing should satisfy that urge of needing something to accomplish/work towards. Good luck! :)

  3. woohoo...congrats lady! that's a blessing for sure!

  4. congrats hun! so happy for you!!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    @Nik - Thanks girl! Going back to school will be so awesome, I would've chose that route, but I can't make up my mind on a focus. I think going back to school may be even better than going back to work! I'm realizing that and think I made a mistake...but that's another post to come soon. Staying at home is definitely challenging but when you're working [towards something], it all seems to balance out.


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