Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Blog Name!!!!!

I've been wanting to change the name of my blog for a few weeks now. I have grown out of liking the name, Love & Tangles because its pretty broad and I don't really think that the things I blog about really 'connect' with it.

So after thinking and thinking about another broad title, I came up with

The name is still broad, but I think it fits more with what I blog about -----> navigating my way through life under the different roles that I got going.  

Oh and my "Elle to Elle" really just stands for the 'L to L' in my blog header....

'Live to Learn | Learn to Love | Love to Live'

....turns out that's a really popular blog title, lol. Duh right? All the broad ones are. I tried adding "Eat" in with those words but that blog name (livelearnlove, livelearnloveeat) was taken too! Sooo.....I thought to just take the the first letter of those words and spell them out.

So save my new blog name and change or add it to your blogger feed reading list! Hopefully it'll change automatically but I'm not completely sure. So add me just in case!!!


  1. I LOVE the new layout and the new name. Great choice! I've been thinking about changing the name of my blog as well. Haven't come up with anything "catchy" yet. LOL.

  2. I love it!

    It was in my feed this morning so luckily it did the right thing! So hopefully it will do the same for your readers!

  3. I love it congrats on the change, looking forward to the new stuff!

  4. @Carla - yeah, I just never liked mine but couldn't come up with anything else, ha ha. I love your blog name!!!!

    @Mrs. H - Thanks!

    @Faith - Thanks! Your blog inspired my changes! :-) And I assumed it would change automatically but still wanted to make sure I spread the message just in case my assumption was wrong.

    @Nellie - Thanks! There really won't be any new stuff, lol. I just wanted to organize more and have the stuff I already talk about relate to the name.


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