Monday, August 27, 2012

Senegalese Twists!

I finally found my new and favorite protective style......SENEGALESE TWISTS!!!!!

I love them so much better than micro braids or sew-in weaves. It took forever to do; the same time that it takes to do micro braids when they're braided by just one person.

I had two braiders but I might as well only had one since the second came late AND brought her 1 y.o. daughter who cried every 10-15 minutes or so wanting to be picked up by her. Then, she talked the WHOLE time (in French) but you know what happens when you talk constantly? You add hand gestures and just stop what you're doing because you are so wrapped up into what you're saying.....or you're tending your crying 1 y.o. {sarcasm added there}

Anyway, I could go on and on about why it took so d@mn long, but once the main braider was done I liked the result so much that I let my frustration go.
By the way, it took 8 hours. EIGHT long hours but I did have a 30 minute lunch break along with the braiders.

Oh and the braids were tight but not as tight as the micro braids that I had last year because I was pretty dramatic about my extreme tender-headed nature. Like....with each braid on my hairline. I kept saying "Ouch," while whistling air in pain, lol.

I think I'll be rocking protective style twists several times this year until my hair grows back to a length that I'm happy with. And that could be 1 inch or 3 inches.

I totally recommend senegalese twists for ladies that are just growing their natural hair or transitioning and want a break from doing their own hair.

What have you been doing with your hair lately??


  1. i love it! i would love to do something like this but the last time i did it was horrible for my edges and they are still recovering.

    right now, i basically keep my hair in twists for 2-3 weeks and take my hair out on special events, lol. so much easier this way.

  2. They are lovely!!!

    BTW, luv the new blog name. :)

  3. Like the twists! I may try. I cut my locs out about two months ago and I'm rocking a very short curly do. I like it some days; but mostly I don't. I don't miss my locs, but I miss the length. I tried a weave, but it just wasn't me. I may try the twists. Thanks for suggesting!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @Megan - That is the exact reason I got them! I miss my length and don't really like my short curly look right now. I hope you try them out!

  5. Love the twist. I would love to do a hairstyle similiar, but I get awful headaches.


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