Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our San Francisco Thanksgiving Treat!

We decided to go to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. It was a somewhat last minute decision. My mom currently lives there and its actually my husband's favorite place to visit. We like to call it our second home. My mom can throw down in the kitchen, so the food was ridiculously good. We had turkey, gravy, macaroni and cheese, greens, sweet potatoes, and traditional cornbread dressing and cajun cornbread dressing that had andouille sausageas the kick. For dessert, we had a 3 layer red velvet cake. The food was so good, it made you wanna eat more even if you weren't hungry! I mean it was soooo good! Whew!

We go pretty often so we do our own thing and then do stuff together, while my mom watches the kiddos for a couple hours. This time, I ended up going to my mom's Afro Belly Boogie exercise class at 24-Hr. Fitness and it was a crAzY workout. I thought it would be nothing but other 60-yr old women not doing much. No, this was a class with Beyonce dance moves at 100 moves per second! I wish they had something like that in DFW because it would relieve any kind of stress accrued during the week. Anyway, we had a great time! Here are some more pics:

The best crab cakes and crab sandwich are here!
I had a lobster roll. It was good.
But the dungeness crab roll was better! Amazing!
 This crab roll was so good, my hubs had the cook come out so he could tell him just how much he enjoyed it. Yes, for real. The crab roll was tossed in warm butter and put on a big piece of sliced texas toast. It was scrumptious. We ate there twice and had both rolls the crab cakes. Mmmm!

Feeding and chasing the birds.
My boys on the pier.
My hubby is an avid golfer!
The crooked street!

Classic vintage!
If you ever make it to San Francisco, wherever you choose to dine, get crab and sol! The fish is so fresh and delicious! The main reason I love the northern west coast!

What's your favorite vaation spot that you call home?


  1. Unfortunately...I do not have a fav vacation spot that I can also call home. But....I sure do love yours!!!! The photos you captured are SO lovely. FYI - your page is wide enough to make your photos larger. I just learned about this. Once you upload them to your post, click on the will have small, medium, large and x-large to choose from. I would sugguest the large or x-large size. Easier to see all the details. Anyway - cheers to Thursday!!!!

  2. Your trip looks amazing! Hubby and I do not have a favorite vacation spot. I would love to find one soon :).

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. looks like it was such a great time! i want to visit San Fran so badly! i hope to do it soon! :)

    i am loving the new look too! you have an absolutely beautiful family!

    p.s. my belly is growling like crazy right now because it wants crab cakes and a lobster roll.

  4. oh and we love Vegas! if we could go there twice a year, we would!

  5. I love San Francisco it's one of my favorite spots. I go there every time I visit my dad he's not too far from there.

  6. it would have to be Toronto for me. It looks like an awesoe trip...the meal looks so delicious..your boys are too cute!

  7. That looked like fun! I want to visit the west coast one day. My favorite hands down in Philly, if so much of my family wasn't here we'd move there in a heartbeat! :)

    Love the new header btw.

  8. Nice pictures! Lovely family. :) I luv the Pacific northwest as well!


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